11 Days Left!

Well, it’s a little late to be writing my training plan for the week, given that we’re two days in, but here goes nothing! Though my shins held up (for the most part), the 11 mile long run totally kicked my butt. I cannot even imagine running 2.1 more miles…when I finished the run on Sunday I couldn’t even imagine taking one more step. 2.1 more miles. 11 days.

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Double Digits!

Compared to week seven, I crushed half marathon training week eight! I don’t know why I’m always surprised by this fact, but the more planning the better when it comes to workout consistency. Last week, I made sure to take into consideration my anticipated workload in my new role, social commitments, and our weekly meal plan schedule to make sure I hit each of my workouts. Here’s the breakdown:

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Hot. Mess.

Well. Starting a new school year in a new role was quite the reality check in terms of running. I was so confident going in to last week…nothing was going to stop me from half marathon training! I was going to stick to my workout schedule even if it meant becoming a morning exerciser!

Man, was I wrong. It’s obviously not a surprise that sticking to a workout plan is WAY more difficult when you actually have to plan…and not just find time to run in your otherwise wide open day. I miss summer already.

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