Lead, Mercury, and Half Marathons.

When I sat down to write this post, I fully expected to share all of the details of my next half marathon and my training plan and my crossfit experience so far.

Then, I had the brilliant idea to see if I could find my heavy metal test results on the Genova Diagnostics website first. Well, it was super easy to locate and now I’m super unhappy.


Why, exactly, didn’t I just wait until my next appointment? I don’t understand the six pages of text that accompany these results, and now I’m even more anxious for my appointment on Wednesday…

In other news, I’m committed to running a second half marathon! I’m going to run the Buffalo Half Marathon on Sunday, May 28, 2017. I am loosely following the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice 2 program again, but plan to adjust some of the runs on a weekly basis and will incorporate some speed work. My first half marathon was only about finishing. This time, I want to focus on dramatically improving my time (hoping for a >20 minute PR). I’ll advance to the Intermediate 1 program next time 🙂

Week One:

Monday – Rest (I love starting out with a rest day)

Tuesday – 6:30am crossfit + 3 mile run

Wednesday – 6am vinyasa yoga + 3 mile run

Thursday – 3 mile run + 60 minute strength for endurance

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 8K Shamrock Run

Sunday – 60 minutes cross training

Looking forward to sharing my progress throughout this training cycle, and to sharing all the details of my next functional medicine appointment. Talk to you soon!

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11 Days Left!

Well, it’s a little late to be writing my training plan for the week, given that we’re two days in, but here goes nothing! Though my shins held up (for the most part), the 11 mile long run totally kicked my butt. I cannot even imagine running 2.1 more miles…when I finished the run on Sunday I couldn’t even imagine taking one more step. 2.1 more miles. 11 days.

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Hot. Mess.

Well. Starting a new school year in a new role was quite the reality check in terms of running. I was so confident going in to last week…nothing was going to stop me from half marathon training! I was going to stick to my workout schedule even if it meant becoming a morning exerciser!

Man, was I wrong. It’s obviously not a surprise that sticking to a workout plan is WAY more difficult when you actually have to plan…and not just find time to run in your otherwise wide open day. I miss summer already.

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