My Pegan Pick #3!

Not to be overly dramatic, but my world literally fell apart when I was told I had to remove almond products from my already restrictive diet. At the time, I was five weeks into my functional medicine journey and pretty much living off of almond milk, almond cream cheese, almonds, and almond butter.

My favorite was the almond butter. I’d take a spoonful (or two) directly to the face after dinner as a “dessert” type of signal to my body. Seemed like as good enough substitute for actual dessert that I was going to find on this diet…

And like that, it was gone! I truly thought I was going to get foods added back in at that time, not more taken out!

…I told you this was going to be dramatic.

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Part I: The Candida War.

Now that I have had a few days to process my first follow up appointment with my functional medicine doctor, I want to provide more information on each health concern discovered so far. While the goal of this whole journey was to address the root cause of my sudden cystic acne, I don’t think that this story is going to end with “and this is why your face exploded.”

Instead, I am thankful that my face cried out for help – I’ve got a lot to correct in my body to get healthy again. One of the biggest concerns, as I’ve mentioned before, is the elevated level of Candida in my gut.

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In anticipation…

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been counting down to since February 1. And now that it’s here, I’m not entirely sure how to feel.

On one hand, I have zero expectations. I fully anticipate walking out of my functional medicine center appointment tomorrow with no changes to my highly restrictive diet, no solid answer to the “why” behind my cystic acne concerns, and yet another costly round of tests to undergo.

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Sundays are for Planning.

Hola! My Sunday-of-rest philosophy was somewhat hijacked today, but for two good reasons. First, it is the second to last weekend before the AP Chemistry exam. My students have been putting in a lot of extra hours of studying with me on Saturdays, and for the final two weeks, I offer to meet with them on Sunday too.

Second, my Madre is in town! Instead of spending my Sunday lounging around, we filled our day with a lot of fun activities. Running, shopping, eating, etc.

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My Pegan Pick #2!

Last week, I mentioned that the functional medicine detox diet I’ve been following for the past 2.5+ months also resulted in a number of new (and delicious) products to try. I’ll be the first to admit, I was super skeptical when my dietitian suggested edamame & mung bean pasta upon my first visit. First of all, I’m Italian. I love my Grandma Connie’s homemade pasta more than anything else in the whole world. How could a pasta made of beans stand a chance?

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Meal Plan & Prep Take Three

So, I’m really loving the “day of rest” concept I learned from Dr. Josh Axe during the Total Wellness Summit. It’s not that I don’t do anything on Sundays, but I don’t have a mile-long to-do list staring at me as soon as I wake up. It takes some extra work throughout the week, but it makes me feel much better going in to the week.

I did, however, manage to meal plan, grocery shop, and plan out my exercise schedule during my “day of rest.” As I’ve mentioned previously, I am experimenting with many of the recipes featured in Dr. Mark Hyman’s new book Eat Fat, Get Thin. The basic premise of this book is that fat has been demonized in the American diet for far too long. He indicates that sugar, not fat, is the real dietary culprit, and his recipes are high in healthy fats. There is a 21-day plan that I am not following (I’m already on a 78+ day plan), but I’ve incorporated some of these meals and they are DELICIOUS.

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