Monthly Meal Prep: Round Two!

I can’t even lie: Last week was THE BEST EVER in terms of meal planning and preparation. Talk about life changing, our “big meals” are the best.

Cook twice. Eat EIGHT TIMES for each of us! It’s the greatest thing. All we had to do was double two of our favorite recipes (Sunday night and Monday night) and we didn’t even have to think about another meal until Thursday night. Greatest idea we’ve ever had. Fine. Greatest idea Zack’s ever had…he gets all the credit on this one.

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Monthly Meal Prep!

I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but weekly meal planning and preparation is the best way to make a shift to a healthier lifestyle. It is so much easier to manage dietary changes if you purposefully plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner before you reach the point of hanger. Once you’ve planned and purchased all of the ingredients for your meals, it is so much more difficult to skip a meal or switch to takeout instead.

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Why Collagen & Pegan Pick #5!

I’m no stranger to protein powder. My all time favorite in both powder and pre-made form is hands down Orgain. I drank their vegan chocolate pre-made protein shake pretty much every single morning from the moment I switched to a vegan diet until I switched over to my pegan (paleo + vegan hybrid) diet five months ago. But, the Orgain option contains sugar, and even though it is a small amount, I can’t add it to my shakes any longer.

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