Functional Medicine Update

Hola! How’s your Tuesday?! I spent mine working, followed by a muscle restoration massage (ow), and two classes at the gym. I know I said I would go to yoga, but my trainer / friend Ashley was subbing for both classes, and her training > yoga any day.

Over here in functional medicine land, I received two of the three blood test results I’ve been waiting for since my most recent follow-up appointment. The doctor wanted to retest my Vitamin D level, candida, and mycoplasma, as all three were abnormal after my initial round of blood work.

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One month down!

Did I mention that I love having something to train for? The Mighty Niagara Half Marathon on September 24, 2016 is quite the driving force for me to keep up with running consistently. Additionally, Zack and I are counting down the final weeks until our bike trip. We leave for Michigan (final destination still slightly TBD) on August 1! We’re planning on tackling approximately 250 miles over 5 days and finalizing the details as we speak – I’ll write a post covering our plans as soon as they’re all set.

In the meantime, here’s the rundown of my fourth week of half marathon training:

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