Double Digits!

Compared to week seven, I crushed half marathon training week eight! I don’t know why I’m always surprised by this fact, but the more planning the better when it comes to workout consistency. Last week, I made sure to take into consideration my anticipated workload in my new role, social commitments, and our weekly meal plan schedule to make sure I hit each of my workouts. Here’s the breakdown:

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One month down!

Did I mention that I love having something to train for? The Mighty Niagara Half Marathon on September 24, 2016 is quite the driving force for me to keep up with running consistently. Additionally, Zack and I are counting down the final weeks until our bike trip. We leave for Michigan (final destination still slightly TBD) on August 1! We’re planning on tackling approximately 250 miles over 5 days and finalizing the details as we speak – I’ll write a post covering our plans as soon as they’re all set.

In the meantime, here’s the rundown of my fourth week of half marathon training:

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The power of rest days

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I do much better when I have a big goal and a training plan to follow. In the absence of a training plan, I can very easily convince myself that the gym or a run can be skipped/avoided/put off until tomorrow. I am liberal with my “rest” days, convincing myself that they are required often (too tired, too sore, too little time, etc). Rest days in this context are not necessarily purposeful, and often a last minute decision quickly filled with regret or a guilty feeling. I am very much in favor of listening to your body and it’s signals for needing a break, but at least in my experience, I might give in to “rest” a little too easily.

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