Pegan Pick: Kite Hill Almond Yogurt

At the beginning of my functional medicine journey, it was recommended that I complete a food sensitivity test. The phlebotomist removed what felt like 900 vials of blood, and three weeks later I was able to see my individual reactions to over 80 different foods. Much to my dismay, I was reacting to almonds at the time and had to give up all almond-based products (almond milk, almond cream cheese, almond butter, straight up almonds). I followed a strict vegan diet before transitioning to the functional medicine diet and developed a love for these almond-based products; it was so tough to remove them all!

Almost a year later, I am thankfully able to eat almonds and almond-based products again. It’s a good thing – my FAVORITE almond product manufacturer FINALLY created a plain, unsweetened, artisan almond milk yogurt.

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Expectations v. Reality

Walking in to each functional medicine appointment, I don’t necessarily have a clear idea of what I expect to happen, but I do have a general feeling about how I think each conversation is going to go. For instance, I was absolutely certain that my first follow up appointment with the nutritionist (you know, the one after only 30 days on my super restrictive diet) was going to result in the reintegration of all the eliminated foods. Elimination diet rookie mistake…

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