Happy New Year!

Silly me…I really thought I would have wifi on vacation and would post a ton of updates of our adventures, but I was so wrong!

Zack and I are on a cruise and leaving the US as we speak…I’ll fill you in as soon as we get back!

Here’s a few photos of our escapades so far…

…Happy New Year! I hope you have an awesome week!

Expectations v. Reality

Walking in to each functional medicine appointment, I don’t necessarily have a clear idea of what I expect to happen, but I do have a general feeling about how I think each conversation is going to go. For instance, I was absolutely certain that my first follow up appointment with the nutritionist (you know, the one after only 30 days on my super restrictive diet) was going to result in the reintegration of all the eliminated foods. Elimination diet rookie mistake…

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Weekly Facials!

As discussed in my last post, I committed to weekly facials for the foreseeable future in an attempt to help heal my external skin care concerns (scarring, redness, etc). I am confident that my functional medicine course of treatment has worked wonders for my cystic acne concerns and that as I continue to heal my gut and kill the candida overgrowth, additional changes will occur. I am also confident that the functional medicine doctors have little to no interest in helping to deal with my scarring and other acne aftermath issues, so I’m totally willing to give weekly facials a try.

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