dGhHX-b0I’m Jessica, a Chemistry teacher, runner, and overall health nut writing from Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to running, I love to bike, drink coffee, and eat vegan baked goods. I may or may not be obsessed with Banana Republic, the Buffalo Sabres, and my hometown, Buffalo, New York.

I haven’t always been health conscious and I still wouldn’t consider myself athletic, but I started making significant changes to my lifestyle while living in Arlington, Virginia three years ago.

After moving to Cleveland to teach in an urban high school, I decided to train for a half marathon, but sustained an injury in my leg sidelining me for almost a year! It worked out though…forced me to take swimming lessons from my now boyfriend.

While dealing with the injury and trying to stay fit, I decided to follow a plant-based diet. I rocked every vegan recipe until recently, when I began working with the Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine Center and began “that pegan life.” Though a plant-based diet is supposed to help with acne prone skin, mine continuously got worse over the past two years. To go from the occasional pimple to a face of cystic acne was devastating, especially to a (then) 25 year old high school teacher. I was tired of being asked if I was a student! And embarrassed, to say the least.

After trying everything I could think of, and spending countless hours researching, I discovered Dr. Mark Hyman’s  Functional Medicine Center, conveniently located at the Cleveland Clinic. I created this blog to document my journey to health (and clear skin) with the Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine Center. Before deciding to take this journey, I would’ve greatly benefited from hearing about someone else’s experience…I hope to be that person for future patients!