Monday Matters.

What a week! Epic changes happening over here – expect an exciting announcement at the beginning of March. In the meantime, all the Monday matters:

  • Functional Medicine update! I finally (finally) completed my heavy metals test. I seriously pushed it to the last possible moment before compromising the likelihood that the results will be available for my March 1 appointment. Fun fact: Despite the fact that the instructions say otherwise, FedEx will NOT accept your urine sample package in a physical location. I don’t even want to talk about how long I spent driving around with a box of urine in my car…
  • I know I posted about this recipe already, but seriously this chickpea flatbread is life changing. Just look at this breakfast pizza:
Chickpea flatbread, almond cream cheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes, poached egg. We win the game.
  • Paleonola is my current weakness, specifically the Maple Pancake flavor. I mix 1/4 cup with half of an apple or banana and Kitehill almond yogurt. 4 grams of added sugar (well under my 12g / day limit) = perfection. You know what else is perfection? Almond butter. Which I am eating directly from the jar, with a butter knife, as we speak…

Speaking of obsessions, I seriously cannot eat enough mashed cauliflower lately. Zack recently started adding tons of spices to make each batch even more reminiscent of mashed potatoes. I don’t miss starchy vegetables, not even a little bit:

75% Vegetables! Pegan diet for the win.
  • In other news, I start training for my next half marathon at the end of this month! I am also training a group of 20 students to run the Cleveland 10K, so the next few months are filled with races. I am going to start posting weekly training updates again to keep myself organized and accountable! Now to just get my shins under control…
  • And finally, I successfully finished my first month of crossfit classes! So many thoughts. I’ve said it before, but this whole experience deserves its own update. Confessions of a Crossfit Newbie Part I coming at you this week!

I hope you had an excellent Monday!

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