Expectations v. Reality

Walking in to each functional medicine appointment, I don’t necessarily have a clear idea of what I expect to happen, but I do have a general feeling about how I think each conversation is going to go. For instance, I was absolutely certain that my first follow up appointment with the nutritionist (you know, the one after only 30 days on my super restrictive diet) was going to result in the reintegration of all the eliminated foods. Elimination diet rookie mistake…

Then, I was pretty sure that the anti-candida diet coupled with the first course of treatment was totally successful, and that I was for sure going to be able to at least eat sugar and gluten on rare occasion. Wrong.

Despite having incorrect expectations for each appointment, I still set expectations walking in. Today, I assumed the nurse practitioner was going to help me determine whether or not I needed to continue with a few supplements, and when I needed to retest my candida levels. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s quite disappointing when your expectation is so drastically different from reality…

Instead, here’s how the conversation went:

  • My candida levels are the same, but this is to be expected because blood work does not show change for 2 – 4 months.
  • My mycoplasma levels increased. In case you missed it, this means that my body is constantly fending off a pneumonia infection, similar to walking pneumonia.
  • Why did my mycoplasma levels increase? Why can’t my body get rid of the mycoplasma?
  • More information about how all of this might be related to heavy metal toxicity while “don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry” repeated over and over in my brain.

We previously discussed possibly testing for heavy metal toxicity if the most recent course of treatment for candida did not work. We also discussed treating my mycoplasma levels after getting the candida under control. Instead, the nurse practitioner recommended completing heavy metal testing now in order to have all the possible information ready for Dr. Herbst at my next appointment on February 2, 2017.

There are no real medical risks associated with heavy metal testing and comparatively speaking, the cost of testing is relatively low. In order to test, I need to complete a four week detoxification process involving a liver detox supplement nightly as well as glutathione throat spray. I would elaborate on the spray, but I read the product description and it was way over my head! Then, I need to complete the heavy metal test and send it to the lab with a minimum of three weeks prior to my next appointment. I also have to have a ton of blood work completed in advance of my next appointment, but not before January 2, 2017.

In other news, I need to restart transfer factor, the natural mycoplasma medication. I also have been experiencing pretty rough heartburn recently which I was quick to blame on coffee, but more than likely is related to taking serrapeptase on an empty stomach, as directed. I’ll be discontinuing serrapeptase after the anti-fungal course of treatment ends tomorrow and I have to take a slow release melatonin supplement to repair the damage from the serrapeptase.

So, to recap: Walked in expecting a quick appointment to go over anti-candida course of treatment, walked out with a laundry list of supplements and a heavy metal toxicity test. Maybe one day my expectations for an appointment will be a reality! Until then, I’ll be over here buying all the supplements, hoping to figure out this whole mess soon. Still thankful for the opportunity to figure this all out before any serious medical issues occurred. =)

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3 thoughts on “Expectations v. Reality

  1. I was just thinking about you. I am heading to the clinic tomorrow for my first follow-up appointment since the initial huge blood testing and screening. I am mentally trying to prepare myself for the appointment. I am a little disappointed in myself – I had surgery at the end of Oct and have not been able to get my eating back on track since. After my malpractice, emotionally I do not do so hot when left having to trust doctors. My Candida test came back negative – which is good, but I went back to the drawing board on what’s going on with my body. My liver has got something going on, they had me come back in for more testing…but I do not know the results yet (strangely they were not released to mychart.)

    All that said, I get how you are feeling. I already have my blog post about my appointment tomorrow scheduled for 10 am – but you’ll see that I am giving myself a pep talk to not come crashing down after I leave. I even have it written down in my planner to breathe, not react, not spin out of control (aka – eat like shit in attempts to make myself feel better – which never works like I intend).

    Big hugs! ❤️

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