Weekly Facials!

As discussed in my last post, I committed to weekly facials for the foreseeable future in an attempt to help heal my external skin care concerns (scarring, redness, etc). I am confident that my functional medicine course of treatment has worked wonders for my cystic acne concerns and that as I continue to heal my gut and kill the candida overgrowth, additional changes will occur. I am also confident that the functional medicine doctors have little to no interest in helping to deal with my scarring and other acne aftermath issues, so I’m totally willing to give weekly facials a try.

Previous Post: “Give me a month.”

Weekly facials are a bit different from the typical facial experience; the facial only takes 30 minutes and involves cleansing, a mask to remove dead skin, any extractions necessary (hopefully very few), kombu seaweed application, and a high frequency treatment to kill bacteria.

At my aesthetician (or is it esthetician? no idea…) Jeanette’s suggestion, I also switched up my skin care regimen for the past week. I’m testing out Kneutek MD products, including a balancing cleanser twice daily and an alpha + MSM cream in the evenings. I don’t really know what any of that means (yet), but according to Jeanette, the cleanser should help keep my skin hydrated and the cream, intended for the “trauma” phase of skin care issues, should increase collagen and elastin formation.

I am so thankful for the random google search of “organic facials” back in April of this year resulting in my discovery of The Oaks Massotherapy Spa and Jeannette. I certainly hope that the weekly facials will accelerate my healing, but even if they don’t, the amount of care and concern that she has for my skin to heal is just amazing.

Here’s the current snapshot:


My next appointment is Saturday, November 26 – Hopeful further progress will be made!

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