The Candida War: Round Two!

Happy Halloween!

Today marks the start of my second round of anti-fungal medication, so I wanted to provide a quick functional medicine update.

I’m still fighting the candida war. From what I understand, my last 28 day round of ketoconazole was essentially the “medium strength” anti-fungal treatment. I finished up that course of treatment on Sunday, October 23 and took a lovely week off from anti-fungal drugs before starting my *hopefully* final round this morning. We’ve moved on to the “high strength” anti-fungal treatment, or itraconazole, for 30 days. I’ll combine this daily drug with serrapeptase, a twice daily supplement intended to break down candida biofilm, and with any luck the overgrowth of candida in my gut will be gone!

A few interesting notes about this course of treatment:

  • The itraconazole + serrapeptase combination need to be taken 2 – 3 hours before food. Basically, this involves me taking the two drugs the moment I wake up, and then setting an alarm on my phone letting me know when I can eat breakfast. I eat constantly, so this has been the biggest adjustment for me! I also have to wait an hour after eating in the evening before taking the second serrapeptase dose.
  • During this course of treatment it is exceptionally important to make sure I am not consuming sugar in any form, as candida feeds off sugar. Interestingly enough, this has made my cravings for sugar so much worse lately! I’ve been off sugar since February, so you would think I would be over it, but the die off is increasing my interest in sugar like crazy. So weird.
  • Anti-fungal medications can cause liver and kidney concerns, so I had to have my liver and kidney function tested prior to beginning the itraconazole treatment, and again half way through the treatment. I got the green light to begin, and hopefully there will be no issues throughout this 30 day intervention.

As with the ketoconazole round, I should experience additional die-off symptoms, which essentially feel like the flu without a fever. In case you were curious, yes it is incredibly bizarre to take a pill every morning that you know (and hope) will make you sick. But, if I get sick again that should mean that the candida is dying. Fingers crossed!

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2 thoughts on “The Candida War: Round Two!

  1. I’ve been battling Candida for about 10 months now and feels so much better than when I started! I haven’t put too many posts about it on my blog yet, but follow my instagram for some great recipe inspo! I know eating with candida can be hard! my insta is blondie_bites!

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