The candida dieoff is still very real. Poor Zack has listened to me say “I just don’t feel good” at least 200 times today, and every time he reminds me that it’s actually really good that I feel so crappy. This anti-fungal + supplement combination is working! Is it possible to be both thankful and really cranky at the same time?

In the spirit of listening to and respecting my body, I’ve decided to let go of my hope to run the Race 13.1 half marathon in Nashville, TN at the end of this month. It’s taking all of my energy to make it through the workday, let alone continue running the weekly mileage required to successfully complete a half marathon. I could barely make it through 30 minutes today and almost turned around after 1.25 miles. I won the race entry through a Twitter chat, and though I’d love to participate, I just don’t think this one is in the cards for me.

The idea of letting go of all of my fitness through the end of this anti-fungal treatment and through an additional course of treatment is not acceptable, either. I plan to continue running, slowly, and I am going to substitute mileage goals for minute goals. As in, run 30 minutes three times per week, instead of my normal 3 miles + 5 miles + 3 miles + long run regimen. Cross-training won’t kill me either, so I’m going to revisit the idea of cardio beyond running if I am too wiped out to run during this process (and even if I’m feeling better, cross-training is important).

Additionally, I am going to resurrect my commitment to tackling an unassisted pull-up. I happened upon the #giveit100 hashtag on Instagram this weekend, and am feeling quite inspired by the concept. Basically, a graduate of the health coaching program I am enrolled in began a social media challenge to commit to a goal for 100 days, in the hopes of staying inspired through the holiday season. I’m going to play along in the hopes of crushing an unassisted pull-up in the next 100 days. I’ve been prioritizing running since the start of the school year and starting tomorrow I need to get back to strength training at least three times per week in order to meet my goal.

The moral of the story? Candida still sucks, but it’s fine. I’m not going to run a second half marathon just yet. Unassisted pull-up, I’m coming for you.

What will you commit to for the next 100 days? #giveit100

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2 thoughts on “#giveit100!

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. You are clearly a bigger, better and stronger warrior than me. I’ve only done one course of treatment and am not at all sure I will follow thru with the second. We’ll see what my December appointment brings. Hang in there my fellow functional medicine friend.

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