My face is a mess.

Where to even begin? It’s been eight months and four days since I started this functional medicine journey. My face looked great…not perfect, but SO MUCH BETTER. Though we haven’t yet landed on a “and this is why your face broke out…” conclusion to the functional medicine story, it certainly seemed as if my MTHFR mutation and my elevated candida levels may (or may not) have played a role.

As I’ve mentioned before, my candida levels increased overall since my first appointment. Since I spent eight months on an anti-candida diet. Since I put in a ton of time and energy to lowering them. And especially since my skin so drastically improved.

Yet here we are, eight months and four days since this functional medicine journey started, and my face is breaking out. A lot. And has been, for probably the last month.

The breakouts were initially concentrated on my chin and very superficial, but within the last week additional pimples (of the cystic acne variety) are popping up. I don’t even know what to do, but just thinking about it makes me both stressed and sick. Which can’t be helping…

I decided to start this blog to share my experience throughout the entire functional medicine process, not just the “OMG-so-many-improvements-diet-changes-everything!” moments. I’ve analyzed and over-analyzed my current predicament every time I’ve been faced with a mirror over the past few weeks; and I have three current theories on the sudden change. *Male friends and family members, read number one at your own risk…

  1. My functional medicine doctor strongly recommended that I discontinue oral contraceptives as a result of my MTHFR mutation. I tapered off birth control shortly after my first functional medicine follow up and after much debate, decided to have an IUD inserted. My Skyla was inserted on August 30, 2016, and since the breakouts are primarily concentrated around my chin, I question whether the small, superficial blemishes are related to the IUD and the hormones involved. My OBGYN suggested that it might take up to six months for my body to adapt, so I’ll be monitoring the breakouts closely for a bit longer before I consider removing the IUD. Can my body really just not handle any hormones at all? Who knows.
  2. I have not yet had the herxheimer reaction I was promised from the ketoconazole + serrapeptase cocktail I am taking to treat my candida issues. After looking into candida die-off symptoms a little further, skin breakouts are a listed symptom. Am I not getting sick from the die-off, but breaking out instead? No idea.
  3. Since beginning my functional medicine journey in February, I’ve added back into my diet quinoa, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, almonds, and oatmeal (in that order). In each case, I gradually reintroduced the food according to a specific format and did not experience any symptoms. It is kind of tough to determine if subtle changes are occurring, though, and I question whether I did react to one of those foods and just didn’t notice. Should I take out those foods again? No clue.

I truly have no idea how to proceed, and though I’m usually really excited to think through these challenges, I’m just pretty over it at this point. I’m hoping to be rejuvenated by my next functional medicine appointment (8 days) and to receive additional guidance as to how to move forward, both in terms of my candida levels and my sudden breakouts.

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9 thoughts on “My face is a mess.

  1. I had the Mirena IUD and had to discontinue it after giving it 6 months. I broke out everywhere, including my back, and my hair became greasy and actually started to fall out! Not to mention debilitating cramps at least 4 days a week I have a couple other friends with the Mirena, and they have had almost no side effects and love love love it. Have you thought about the copper IUD? I was so scared off of IUDs by the bad experience that I decided against it, but again, I have a few friends who have it and love it. Everybody’s body is so different! Good luck on your journey to figuring it all out.

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    • My OBGYN convinced me to not go with the copper IUD, but now I’m not so sure I made the right choice. I cannot imagine doing the process again…thanks so much for reading and for sharing your experience; I appreciate your advice!


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