Silent Sunday!

My weekend in pictures + five words or less…


So, this finally happened!


Finished! Felt strong, very sore.


Hot yoga + Nooma = Perfect morning.


TJs spices = Worth the drive!


Dinner veggies from Whole Foods!


Next big meal = Moroccan Stew


Candida annihilation begins tomorrow. Ugh.

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11 thoughts on “Silent Sunday!

  1. I’m not the right person to ask. 😬 Sean recommended something for me to take when I was there in August…but I haven’t done it yet. 🙈 I feel so awful on that whole regime that I’m going to wait it out and discuss with my doc in December. It’s not a great approach on my part–but I feel so great! Why do I have to be purposefully miserable? We’ll see what Dr Young has to say…

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    • I totally understand. I’m going to ask Dr. Herbst what the long term ramifications of elevated levels are. Like, why am I fighting this fight? We shall see. I don’t blame you at all for waiting…


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