Monday Musings.

Hola! Instead of breaking down my final week of half marathon training and writing about meal planning / prep yet again, I figured I’d update you list-style. Here’s a quick look at my week, along with all of the other random thoughts bopping around my brain on this Monday evening.

  • I am in love with our monthly meal planning idea. Sure, there have been a few challenges so far (how do you cook a mass quantity of stir fry?), but overall it’s been game changing. This week our big meals include pasta sauce and stuffed peppers (because I may or may not have purchased an actual bushel of peppers at the farmers market), and yesterday we packed up 4 quarts of pasta sauce for all the leftovers. Tonight Zack made enormous stuffed peppers – so excited!


  • Here’s the whole week three meal plan! All of the recipes are posted here.


  • 5 days until my first ever half marathon, the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon. After posting my workout schedule last week, I had a minor crisis and decided to totally change my plan. I decided to finish out the training cycle with a 3 mile run last Thursday, a 6.25 mile run on Friday, rest Saturday, cross-training on Sunday, 3 miles today, 2 miles at race pace tomorrow (+TRX & Kettlebell class), and a final 2 mile run on Wednesday. Then it’s rest until Saturday morning!


  • I am SO thankful that I ran into my friend Rita this weekend – She’s run this race before and shared that since the location is so close to Canada, I should not rely on Pandora for music. Thank goodness she told me, or this would’ve been a very, very long, bitter half marathon.
  • I had the opportunity to help my cousin and his fiance grocery shop this weekend, as they’re planning to tackle a Whole30 in October. I’ve loved every minute of answering all of their questions, and I’m super excited to help them on this elimination diet! I hope to post a lot about their journey, as I’m learning so much from helping them and the grocery shopping trip made me even more excited to continue with my Institute for Integrative Nutrition coursework. Who knows, maybe health coaching is my true calling.
  • Dietary accommodations at weddings rock, especially at the wedding I attended this weekend. I got to eat the same food as everyone else, just with a special gluten-free, dairy-free version just for me! Poppyseed restaurant for the win.


  • I am shockingly good (read: not terrible) at corn hole. I’m also shockingly terrible at not laughing during photo booth photo shoots. Just thought you should know.


  • My chin is totally breaking out. Like, really badly. I can’t stop crying about it. I can barely look in the mirror. I’m so very miserable. But, I have a theory, and as soon as I stop feeling sorry for myself long enough to write a post about it, I’ll share.
  • I got my ass kicked at work today, and I have a pounding headache. Nothing much more to say, but it is not helping with my general misery.

Off to run my final 3 mile run before the half – Maybe that will help my extreme crankiness! We shall see 😉

Any final half marathon advice to share?

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