Monthly Meal Prep: Round Two!

I can’t even lie: Last week was THE BEST EVER in terms of meal planning and preparation. Talk about life changing, our “big meals” are the best.

Cook twice. Eat EIGHT TIMES for each of us! It’s the greatest thing. All we had to do was double two of our favorite recipes (Sunday night and Monday night) and we didn’t even have to think about another meal until Thursday night. Greatest idea we’ve ever had. Fine. Greatest idea Zack’s ever had…he gets all the credit on this one.

I received a few good questions regarding the “why” of monthly meal prep – Why not just meal plan for a week and repeat, as in “Taco Tuesday,” etc.

A few reasons! The whole goal of monthly meal planning for us is to not have to think about meal planning for at least six months. I don’t think I could eat the same foods every week for six months straight without getting bored. Additionally, one of the major findings from my functional medicine testing was that my gut bacteria is not diversified at all. This means that I need to eat a larger variety of foods, all the time. Monthly meal prep for the win.

In case you missed it: Monthly Meal Prep!

Monthly Meal Planning – Week Two:


All of our meals are outlined here, including relevant cookbook information and page numbers if necessary! I’m super excited for this week, as I hope to prove the flexibility of this plan given all of the awesome produce we received from Fresh Fork Market this week. As always, I’ll let you know how it goes!

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