The Missed Long Run.

My shins and I are still fighting. A lot. I’m choosing to stay positive and treat them as shin splints. Just the thought of the words stress fracture results in more tears than you could possibly imagine…

So, rather than being too stubborn for my own good, I decided to take advantage of the one extra week I still have built into my half marathon training plan and skip my long run this week. It was so tough! Instead, I rested, iced, compressed, and elevated. I’ve been rocking compression as much as possible and using all the frozen veggies in my freezer as ice packs. Four days of rest is pretty much all that I’m willing to devote to this nonsense. Training resumes on Wednesday and I’ll follow through with the long run regardless of the state of my shins. I’ll deal with the repercussions after the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon!

Here’s my rundown for the week:

Monday – 60 minutes cross-training = 18,000+ steps (and some crying over shin pain)

Tuesday – Rest!

Wednesday – 3 mile run using the new Nike Run Club app. Love it.

Thursday – 4.65 mile run @ race pace + total body strength training. Supposed to run 5 miles but slightly underestimated my route to the gym. Walked home up a giant hill too, resulting in the following step count for the day:


*I may or may not be competing against my nine year old neighbor to see who wins the step count game every day. I won!

Friday – 3.35 mile run (to make up for .35 miles missed yesterday)

Saturday – Rest!

Sunday – 11 mile run Rest + 60 minute vinyasa yoga. My favorite Cleveland Yoga instructor, Kate, got married this week so this week’s class (with a substitute) was not workout I am used to.

I find it so interesting that as soon as I started moving around workout days due to my work obligations, I started experiencing shin pain. Hal Higdon really knows his stuff. Hopefully the running gods will forgive me for changing the plan and my shins will be pain-free this week. I can hope!

Week Eleven! (Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice 2 Program)

Monday – 15 minutes of cardio (running machine) + ab/core work

Tuesday – 30 minutes of cardio (running machine) + TRX & Kettlebell Class

Wednesday – 3 mile run

Thursday – 5 mile run @ race pace

Friday – 3 mile run + total body strength training

Saturday – Rest! + 60 minute vinyasa yoga

Sunday – 11 mile run

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