Bike to Detroit Update!

107+ miles down! Currently hanging out in Elmore, OH resting up for our longest day of the trip tomorrow. 

Things I’ve learned so far:

  • Riding next to cars going 55mph is not my favorite thing, even if it means we get to travel next to beautiful Lake Erie for longer.
  • Finding totally sugar free options on the road is incredibly difficult. I’m trying my best, and need to be a little more flexible (or less anxious) about it. 
  • Riding with a CamelBak is awesome and awful all at the same time. Probably should’ve tested it out before committing to carrying it 270 miles, but that’s fine. 
  • Morning miles don’t count if you follow them up with second breakfast. We’re going to try to make it to Grumpy’s in Toledo, OH tomorrow for second breakfast! Any suggestions?
  • Dialing back on the number of miles per day allows for spontaneous (and fantastic) stops at local fresh fruit stands… 
  • I will always fail at selfies. (See above.) 
  • Canned salmon is a lifesaver. Thanks, Brigid
  • And finally, my most important lesson so far, courtesy of a Lorain, OH man who slowed down his car (50mph road) and shouted: “Hey dipshits, you’re supposed to ride AGAINST traffic so you can see the drivers. You’re so stupid!” Man, I’ve ridden thousands of miles the wrong way. Thank goodness he finally set me straight…

On to Adrian, Michigan tomorrow. I’ve never been to Michigan – Can’t wait to take a photo in front of the Welcome sign! 

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PS: Sorry if the formatting is wonky; I’m writing from my phone!