And then there were shin splints.

Well. I officially made to week nine of half marathon training without an injury concern.

Damn you, week nine.

I’m still in the denial phase of my current shin issues, which are best explained with a rundown of my training week:

Monday – 18 mile bike ride (60 minutes cross-training)

Tuesday – Rest Day! + 75 minute vinyasa yoga (the instructor changed at the last minute, and even though I like the substitute instructor, it simply was not the same level of a workout that I’m used to)

Wednesday – Where it all went wrong: 3 mile run to Wade Oval Wednesday to see Honeybucket. My left shin hurt like crazy from the very first step. I was already committed to the run-to-the-show plan and needed the run. I limp ran for the entire first mile. In hindsight (does it count as hindsight if I knew to stop the whole time?) I should’ve stopped running.

Thursday – 5 mile run Took four running steps. Decided a rest day was a better plan. 

Friday – 3  5 mile run: Because I don’t know how to skip a day, I “shifted” my run. I wore a calf sleeve on my left calf the whole time, and after the first mile it felt relatively fine.

Saturday – Rest Day! 3 mile fast (for me) treadmill run (still can’t skip a day) + total body strength training session. I bought new sneakers earlier in the day (perhaps that’s the issue?) and tried them out. Everything felt relatively fine (read: I could ignore the shin aching).

Sunday – 60 minute vinyasa yoga + 10K! I think I was mostly asleep for this pre-coffee run but my left shin felt okay-ish and my right started to hurt. Awesome.

Monday, I woke up to throbbing, shin splint-esque pains in both legs. Thankful I have these Run Michigan calf sleeves to help out. All the ibuprofen, all the ice, all the compression.


It’s just the rest I can’t really get excited about…

So, I plan to proceed with half marathon training as prescribed. If this week feels similar to last week I will actually skip a few workouts. If I am dealing with something more serious, my absolute worst case scenario is to not train at all and just run the half marathon on September 24 and hope for the best.

Week Ten! (Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice 2 Program)

Monday – 60 minutes cross-training = 18,000+ steps (and some crying over shin pain)

Tuesday – Rest!

Wednesday – 3 mile run

Thursday – 5 mile run @ race pace + total body strength training

Friday – 3 mile run

Saturday – Rest!

Sunday – 11 mile run + 60 minute vinyasa yoga

Here goes nothing – Keep your fingers crossed for me and my shins?

Have you ever experienced shin splints? Any advice?

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4 thoughts on “And then there were shin splints.

  1. Oh no! I’ve never had shin splints, but my other half did when he was training for the London marathon. Made him miserable. I hope yours sort themselves out. Sounds like you’re doing well, despite them!

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