Hot. Mess.

Well. Starting a new school year in a new role was quite the reality check in terms of running. I was so confident going in to last week…nothing was going to stop me from half marathon training! I was going to stick to my workout schedule even if it meant becoming a morning exerciser!

Man, was I wrong. It’s obviously not a surprise that sticking to a workout plan is WAY more difficult when you actually have to plan…and not just find time to run in your otherwise wide open day. I miss summer already.

So, here’s the breakdown…a day late. I managed to complete all my runs, but in a mismatched fashion. I also blew off yoga…twice.

Monday – Rest Day! Mission accomplished.

Tuesday – 3 mile run. I was supposed to hit a 75 minute yoga class, but after leaving work at 6pm I decided it was either run or yoga and running will always win.

Wednesday – Supposed to run 5 miles. Didn’t get home until 7pm. Did not run, did not enjoy my spontaneous rest day because I felt terribly guilty for not running. Decided to push running plan back one day.

Thursday – Committed to running 5 miles (Wednesday’s plan), which was only made possible when Zack offered to take care of dinner so I could run at 7pm.

Friday – Planned to make up my 3 mile run from Thursday, but totally failed to remember that I had dinner plans and probably should’ve skipped going out after work because I very much did not have enough time to get everything done. Thought about going to the gym at 10:30pm when I got home from dinner…fell asleep within minutes. Oh, and definitely did not lift weights with Zack. So much fail.

Saturday – Got up super early to complete my 3 mile run from Thursday/Friday.

Sunday – Skipped yoga due to a prior commitment that I failed to consider when writing my weekly plan. Waited until 4pm to tackle my 9 mile long run. Finished the run and almost passed out when I got home. Really need to eat more / fuel properly for long runs. More to plan!

So, as you can see my week was an epic failure. This week, I’ve specifically thought through exactly when I plan to complete each workout. I’m going back to long runs on Sundays because it works better for my schedule for the time being.

Week Eight (Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice 2 Program):

Monday – 60 minute cross train (decided the 16,800 steps I took throughout the day counted as cross training)

Tuesday – Rest Day! + TRX & Kettlebell class

Wednesday – 3 mile run + RalaBala Sweat and Feast

Thursday – 5 mile run @ race pace

Friday – 3 mile run + strength training session

Saturday – Rest Day!

Sunday – 10 mile run + vinyasa power yoga

Let’s hope this week goes better than last week. I’ll still post a summary of our Bike to Detroit trip – it seems like it was 12 years ago at this point! Have a great week =)

Do you have any gluten-free fueling tips? Looking for carb-loading ideas!

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