In the spirit of transparency…

So, just in case there was any question that food has the power to both heal and hurt, I wanted to share something that’s been on my mind all day.

Similar to when I went to Las Vegas in June, I relaxed my organic, grass-fed meat requirements for our bike trip to Detroit. It was already difficult enough to carry all of our pegan snacks for our trip, and I certainly didn’t expect little towns like Elmore, Ohio to offer grass-fed meat options on their diner menus. Everything else about my diet remained the same (no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol, no gluten).

I chose to post this photo on Facebook this morning and after I took a closer look, I was slightly shocked. Take a look at my chin. This photo was taken early last week (Monday, August 1) at the very beginning of our bike trip.


This highly attractive photo was taken a few moments ago:


Pimples galore. Seriously. At least it’s localized to one area…

I don’t even know why I’m surprised at this point, but I just cannot even process the fact that conventional meat (and all the hormones in it) can wreak so much havoc on my skin.

Here’s to refocusing on real food, and to hoping my skin can manage to heal itself again.

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3 thoughts on “In the spirit of transparency…

  1. Wow! That really does bring home the difference between grass fed and grain fed meat.
    I hope you skin clears.up nice and quick now you are home again.

    Looks like it was an awesome trip

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