Halfway to a half!

Hi There! I hope you enjoyed the brief updates I provided while on our #biketodetroit journey. I’ll post a full update this week, but as half marathon training resumes this week, I wanted to continue the trend of posting my weekly schedule!

Today was my first official day in my new position as Dean of Engagement for a Cleveland High School, so we’re back to real life. As a result, I’ve adjusted my training schedule to better work with my availability. The only major difference is that I’ll be shifting back a day (long runs on Saturdays) as per the original Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice 2 Program. I’m looking forward to the challenge of managing running with my work schedule…maybe I’ll even find a way to be an early morning runner. Maybe.

Week Seven (Halfway!):

Monday – Rest Day!

Tuesday – 3 mile run + 75 minute vinyasa yoga

Wednesday – 5 mile run

Thursday – 3 mile run

Friday – 60 minute strength training session (with Zack!)

Saturday – 9 mile run

Sunday – 60 minutes cross-training + 60 minute vinyasa yoga

It’s been over a week since I ran, what with all the biking and such – who was I kidding that I was going to run after biking 275 miles – so we’ll see how this goes! I hope you have an excellent week!

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