We’ve (Almost) Arrived!

Good Morning & Happy Saturday!

Only 15 measly miles until our final destination! Off to Detroit by 11am, but currently loving Wyandotte, Michigan. The amazing bed and breakfast we stayed in last night is for sale…now to convince Zack to buy it with me! Ha.

Here are our stats for the past few days!

Wednesday (Elmore, OH to Adrian, MI)

Thursday (Adrian, MI to Ann Arbor, MI)

Friday (Ann Arbor, MI to Wyandotte, MI)

Despite one Airbnb debacle, we’ve had amazing experiences everywhere we’ve stayed. I’ll do a full write up on each space when we return, but just know that the innkeeper today made me gluten and dairy free pancakes and I’ve never been happier.

In other news, I am so thankful we’ve stayed safe on the roads – This trip has definitely made me a better, more alert, more defensive cyclist.

I’m really looking forward to making it to Detroit today, but really do not want this journey to end! Any restaurant or activity recommendations?

I look forward to sharing all of the details of our adventure with you soon – Just wanted to provide a quick update from the road!

For additional updates, follow me on Instagram, @thatpeganlife. Talk to you soon!

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