Bike to Detroit!

I interrupt your regularly scheduled pegan/functional medicine/half marathon training programming to bring you: Bike to Detroit 2016!!!

Tomorrow is the big day! Zack and I are embarking on our second annual bike trip, this time from Cleveland Heights, Ohio to Detroit, Michigan. I don’t think excited even begins to describe how I’m feeling. We had the BEST time biking from Cleveland Heights, Ohio to Buffalo, New York last summer, and the fact that we’re going from 3 days to 6 days and 200 miles to 260+ miles is amazing. This time, we’re focusing on less miles per day, so we can enjoy the journey a bit more and not only focus on getting to each destination before dark.

Here’s the daily rundown:

Monday, August 1: Cleveland Heights, Ohio —> Huron, Ohio (~55 miles)

Tuesday, August 2: Huron, Ohio —> Elmore, Ohio (~50 miles)

Wednesday, August 3: Elmore, Ohio —> Adrian, Michigan (~60 miles)

Thursday, August 4: Adrian, Michigan —> Ann Arbor, Michigan (~40 miles)

Friday, August 5: Ann Arbor, Michigan —> Wyandotte, Michigan (~40 miles)

Saturday, August 6: Wyandotte, Michigan —> Detroit, Michigan (~15 miles)


Zack’s Dad is kind enough to come pick us up from Detroit on Sunday, August 7! Did I mention that I cannot wait?!?!?!?!

In terms of lodging, we’re staying at a combination of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and airbnbs. Similar to my Vegas trip, I’ll be letting go of the organic, grass-fed meat restriction in my diet, but otherwise I’ll be sticking to my pegan diet throughout the trip. My nutritionist also permitted vegan Orgain shakes during the trip, even though they contain a small amount of sugar. Considering I basically lived off Orgain before my dietary changes in February, I cannot wait to drink my first shake.

Though I am taking a week pause on my half marathon training, I do plan to run a quick mile a few days during the trip. This adventure couldn’t be at a better time in my half marathon training plan. The past week (week six) involved only a 5K instead of a long run, meaning I’ll have a week of running before tackling my next long run (nine miles) after the bike trip. Perfect!

I’m going to try my best to post an update or two while on the road, but I’ll also be updating Twitter and Instagram constantly – Follow me to receive all the updates!



Here’s to hoping for sun, bike-conscious drivers, and zero flat tires. I’ll talk to you soon!

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