Phase One: Check!

The first phase of my half marathon training (based on Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Plan (Novice 2) is complete! I worked my way up to an 8 mile long run, and this week the plan dials back to a 5K on Sunday instead of another long run. Then, I’m going off the plan for a week for our epic bike ride to Michigan (zero interest in running after biking 50+ miles/day).

Here are the details of my week:

Monday – 60 minutes cross-training (half easy biking, half hiking).

Tuesday – I was supposed to go to hot vinyasa yoga, but skipped in favor of two classes at the gym taught by my trainer: “Hips, Buns, and Thighs” class plus “HardCORE Abs.” 45 minutes of just legs and 30 minutes of just abs seemed more appealing than yoga…

Wednesday – 3 mile treadmill run (work stress = fast miles) + upper body strength workout

Thursday – I actually got up to make the 7am yoga class! Wahoo! This class was seriously meant for me as the instructor spent a ton of time on hip strengthening and stretching. Worked all day and then ran 4 miles on the treadmill again (it’s just too hot to run after 10am).

Friday – 3 mile early run outside! + 60 minute personal training session in which my trainer kicked my ass.

Saturday – Rest Day! Bachelorette party in Buffalo for one of my closest friends!

Sunday – 8 mile early run. I thought it would be smart to run at the Buffalo Outer Harbor what with the Lake Erie breeze and everything, but there is zero shade, so the sun beat down the entire time. I stopped for 30 seconds when the universe blessed me with a water fountain, and I have not stopped chugging water since. Before my next long run, I need to start figuring out a hydration and fueling strategy for the half, so I can start practicing!

So. Much. Sweat.

In terms of monitoring injuries, I was a little worried this week because my right hip was acting up on my easy runs. I had already scheduled an appointment with Dr. Stephen Novelli, my chiropractor in Buffalo (haven’t seen him in years), because I could feel the tension in my back and wanted an adjustment. He gave me a full tune up because my entire nervous system was “a mess” and my spine was completely rigid. When he started diagnosing my hip complaint, his official diagnosis was that I have a “tight ass.” So, he did some muscle activation (pain. pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain.) and instructed me to foam roll and stretch pretty much continuously until it works itself out. Did I stretch after my long run yesterday? Of course not.

It’s seriously not that hard, Jessica.

This week I am officially committed to stretching and foam rolling like crazy after each and every workout. Speaking of which, here’s the plan for Week Six:

Monday – 50+ mile bike ride along our initial route to Michigan. Last training ride before our trip! All the details will be posted this week!

Tuesday – Swimming + TRX & Kettlebell Class

Wednesday – 3 mile run

Thursday – 4 mile run @ half marathon pace

Friday – Rest day (Monica & Jesse’s Wedding!!!!)

Saturday – 3 mile run + strength training

Sunday Race for Home 5K

Hoping for a great week, with stretching and foam rolling galore.

Do you write out your workout schedule for the week? How does it help you stay accountable?

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6 thoughts on “Phase One: Check!

  1. Wow, that’s a lotta sweat! It sounds like things are going well with the training.
    I’m exactly the same with stretching & rolling. I know I should, I know why… And then I don’t.


  2. Wow, you are rocking it out! It has been so hot here in Ohio, the sweat does not surprise me…but I am in awe of your dedication! Keep up the great determination and dedication. I am looking forward to watching you hit your goals.

    Liked by 1 person

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