Functional Medicine Update

Hola! How’s your Tuesday?! I spent mine working, followed by a muscle restoration massage (ow), and two classes at the gym. I know I said I would go to yoga, but my trainer / friend Ashley was subbing for both classes, and her training > yoga any day.

Over here in functional medicine land, I received two of the three blood test results I’ve been waiting for since my most recent follow-up appointment. The doctor wanted to retest my Vitamin D level, candida, and mycoplasma, as all three were abnormal after my initial round of blood work.

The good news: My Vitamin D levels improved greatly! I’ve been struggling with Vitamin D forever. The standard range is 31.0 – 80.0. In 2014, my level was 22.0. In 2014, 25.8. But now, my level has increased to 54.6! In the standard range! Wahoo!

The bad not so great news: You might recall that at my first follow-up appointment, the doctor was concerned with my mycoplasma results. Mycoplasma is typically associated with atypical pneumonia, or “walking pneumonia.” According to my initial results, my body was unsuccessfully fighting off a mild pneumonia infection for quite some time. It was just so odd because I did not feel sick at all! No pneumonia symptoms, not even mild ones! The doctor prescribed a strong antibiotic for 14 days, which I completed and then moved on with my life.

About two weeks before my last follow-up appointment, however, I started to struggle to take a deep breath. It seemed as though for every four times I consciously tried to take a deep breath, it would only work once. I remembered the doctor mentioning that occasionally mycoplasma rebounds back, and sure enough, it did!

My original mycoplasma value was 2.59 (normal is <0.91). After all of the changes to my diet, my mycoplasma value was 1.43. Now, even after the antibiotic, it is 1.79! The plan of action is to take a special supplement to hopefully remove the infection once and for all without having to resort to antibiotics again. Unfortunately, the supplement costs $160. Wahoo.

Still waiting on the highly anticipated candida results! I really hope they come back within the normal range – I’ll let you know as soon as I hear.

Have you ever experienced atypical pneumonia? Did you have any symptoms?

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