One month down!

Did I mention that I love having something to train for? The Mighty Niagara Half Marathon on September 24, 2016 is quite the driving force for me to keep up with running consistently. Additionally, Zack and I are counting down the final weeks until our bike trip. We leave for Michigan (final destination still slightly TBD) on August 1! We’re planning on tackling approximately 250 miles over 5 days and finalizing the details as we speak – I’ll write a post covering our plans as soon as they’re all set.

In the meantime, here’s the rundown of my fourth week of half marathon training:

Monday – 45 mile bike ride to train for our upcoming adventure. We traveled to a lovely park on Lake Erie, grabbed lunch at our favorite restaurant, hung out at a beach on Lake Erie, and stopped for iced tea before heading home. Hardly felt like a training ride! We plan to tackle between 50 and 60 miles per day on our trip, but with less stops along the way…

Tuesday – 60 minute personal training session to keep the unassisted pull-up dream alive. I’m getting so much closer!

Wednesday – 3 mile run in Chautauqua. Or, I hope it was 3 miles. My Nike+ app decided to freak out a little bit and after running for 11 minutes it told me I only traveled 0.01 miles. In case you were wondering, that’s a pace of like 186 minutes/mile. Soooo, I ran for 35 minutes just to be safe and called it a day. Then we tackled our morning Chautauqua exercise class! Basically, I set up four exercise stations, one of which used the TRX. The four participants rotated between each exercise (with the TRX exercise setting the pace). We completed two different exercise rotations and then followed it up with all the abs on the TRX. TRX abs are brutal, just FYI.

Thursday – 4 mile run in Chautauqua using Allison’s Polar heart rate monitor. I’m definitely buying one before the half marathon. Then, Chautauqua strength training again! Same format as Wednesday, still hate abs.

Friday – 3 mile run in Chautauqua; improving my 3 mile pace every time I go out! And, you guessed it, more Chautauqua strength training with the TRX and more ab work.

Saturday – Beautiful rest day involving binge watching Young and Hungry on Netflix.

Sunday – 7 mile reflective long run; long run pace improved by 12 seconds/mile compared to last week. Boom. Kate didn’t teach her Sunday hot yoga class, so I did not yoga. I’m going to go to two classes this week to make up for the missed class!

All in all, great week! Even though my goal is just to finish this half marathon without getting injured, I feel so validated when my pace improves day to day and week to week. I can’t wait to see how my running fitness improves this week.

Week Five Plan (Adapted: Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Plan (Novice 2))

Monday – 60 minutes cross-training. This manifested itself as half biking, half wandering/hiking around the Shaker Lakes this evening. We spent all day planning our bike trip, so no training ride today. But good news, my knee is not bothering me from biking today! Wahoo!

Tuesday – Rest day + 75 minute power vinyasa yoga

Wednesday – 3 mile run + strength training session

Thursday – 4 mile run + 60 minute power vinyasa yoga

Friday – 3 mile run + 60 minute personal training session

Saturday – Rest Day!

Sunday – 8 mile run

Can’t wait until that long run – I’ve never run that far before! Here’s to hoping hope you have a spectacular week!

What are your fitness goals this week?

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