Silent(ish) Saturday: Chautauqua Edition!

Sorry for the silence over the past few days – I was off porch sitting on Chautauqua Lake! My friend Allison’s family rents a cottage on the lake every year and is gracious enough to allow me to tag along!

I arrived on Tuesday and returned home early this morning…a few words per picture should capture the week well.


View from the dock – Can you even stand how peaceful it looks?!?!


We rented a pontoon! And sang the pontoon song the entire time…


“On the pontooooooooon.”


Other activities included eating quinoa oatmeal (shocker), reading magazines on the porch, and drinking bulletproof coffee (shocker, again). I surprisingly didn’t snap any pictures of lunch or dinner, but think giant zucchinis, salmon, and all my pegan staples (cashew butter, collagen protein, Epic bars, edamame pasta)…


Not to mention a new addition to our Chautauqua workout class schedule: Pilates on the Porch, Yoga in the Yard, and now…TRX off a tree! TRX abs are hard.


And lots of hilly running. Allison let me test out her Polar heart rate monitor on a run – I thought I would dislike the chest strap but I barely noticed it was there! Will be purchasing from Amazon in the very near future.


And our fourth annual “Allison and Jessica host a beer tasting” was a success! I didn’t participate in the tasting (blood work isn’t back yet), but I am shockingly good at pouring 1.5 ounce servings.


And a raging fire at the end of our last night. Until next year!


And because I’ve spent all day watching “Young and Hungry” on Netflix, a lovely snippet of my conversation with Allison, who also spent the better part of the day on the couch.

…I’ll be productive tomorrow – It’s fine.

How was your Saturday? Lazy or productive? If it was productive, please teach me your ways!

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3 thoughts on “Silent(ish) Saturday: Chautauqua Edition!

  1. That looks like such a gorgeous place to spend time! Lovely!

    I was not productive yesterday. Or today. Two lie ins and a lot of reading. Productivity is overrated sometimes. Hehe.

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