Week Three: Crushed it.

Week Three of half marathon training, Hal Higdon style, was awesome. I started to get a little faster during my standard 3 mile runs, and really enjoyed my Sunday long run.

Here’s the rundown:

Monday – 31.5 mile bike ride up ALL THE HILLS. But, unlike last year when we tackled this ride, there were no tears. Progress.

Tuesday – 60 minute swim + TRX & Kettlebell class

Wednesday – 3 miles on the treadmill. Too hot / humid by the time I got around to running, as I can’t seem to convince myself to run in the morning. Rode bikes briefly in the rain afterward.

Thursday – 4 miles on the treadmill (again). Can someone teach me how to be a morning exerciser? I start swearing at the treadmill after two miles! I was supposed to yoga at 7am, but again, can’t seem to get on the morning exercise train and my legs hurt so badly from lifting that I could not even.

Friday – Vinyasa power yoga (to make up for Thursday) + 3 mile run at dusk. So many bugs! It was seriously the grossest run of my life.

Saturday – A well earned rest day.

Sunday – 6 mile run. Shocked at the fact that I was done by 9am, and by the fact that I felt pretty stellar the whole time.

Two problems to note: First, I had THE WORST DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) ever in the history of the world after deadlifts in my TRX class on Tuesday. It was rough. Second, my knee is still bothering me when I walk up and down stairs, and when I bike. Zack and I are committed to biking to Michigan in August and training rides need to happen, so I plan to ice consistently this week and visit my favorite PT if it still doesn’t feel well.

And on to Week Four! I’ll be spending the majority of the week at Chautauqua Lake with my friend Allison and her family. We’ll be participating in our own fitness classes, including “Yoga in the Yard,” “Pilates on the Porch,” and new this year, “TRX off a tree.” Additionally, I’ll likely have running buddies! I’ll be posting on twitter quite frequently, be excited.

Week Four Plan (Adapted: Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Plan (Novice 2))

Monday – 45 mile bike ride (training ride) with a lot of destinations built in. Difficult to dislike a bike ride when you end up laying on the beach in the middle…

Tuesday – 60 minute personal training session (Leave for Chautauqua)

Wednesday – 3 mile run

Thursday – 4 mile run at half marathon pace

Friday – 3 mile run

Saturday – Rest Day! (Return from Chautauqua)

Sunday – 7 mile run + yoga

Some form of strength training will happen every day in Chautauqua, but I’m not sure what and when, so I’ll leave it off the plan for now.

Mighty Niagara Half Marathon, I’m coming for you!

Enjoy your week!

What are your fitness goals this week?

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2 thoughts on “Week Three: Crushed it.

  1. I’m using the Hal hidgon novice 2 plan too! I make a few variations to fit my life/schedule/etc, but it’s essentially that plan. I’m only on the second week so it’s too soon to tell if I like it. It’s my first marathon I’m training for and I heard LOTS of good things about the plan, so fingers crossed!

    Congrats on crushing last week btw!

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