Pegan Pick #6!

Having followed a strict plant-based diet for two years before embarking on this functional medicine journey, the last thing I would’ve thought I would enjoy is a “meat stick.”

In fact, when my nutritionist first recommended that I incorporate “meat sticks” into my diet, I looked at her as if she had two heads. But yet, here we are months later, and I promise you, “meat sticks” are your next favorite snack.

Enter: Epic Bars.


In particular, Chicken Sesame BBQ and Beef Apple Bacon Epic Bars. Imagine the convenience and clean ingredient list of a Larabar, but without the surplus of natural sugar. Or, imagine a protein bar without the massive list of ingredients that you may or may not be able to pronounce.

After following a pegan diet for quite some time, I struggled with the lack of convenience. I can’t stop anywhere to get a quick bite to eat, and snacking takes just as much effort in the kitchen as preparing a regular meal. But, Epic Bars provide the convenience I am looking for – I can leave a box in my car for when I get hangry and am totally unprepared for life (ie. all the time). And they’re seriously delicious!

The Chicken Sesame BBQ and Beef Apple Bacon bars are the two types approved by my nutritionist, but they also have a ton of other options and products! In terms of bars alone, we’re talking bison bacon cranberry, bacon, turkey almond cranberry, beef habanero cherry, chicken sriracha, pulled pork, lamb currant mint, salmon sea salt pepper, venison sea salt pepper, and wild boar bacon.  True to the Epic brand promise, each bar is gluten free, paleo-friendly, soy free, dairy free, low in sugar, and made from 100% grass fed meat. They also believe wholeheartedly in regenerative farming practice, and seek to partner only with ranchers they deem “EPIC.”

Read more about “EPIC” farming practices!

I was purchasing them through Thrive Market for $27.95 per 12 count box, but just a quick heads up, they’re on sale at Whole Foods Markets 2/$4.00 until Tuesday, July 12! And as always, if you purchase a case at Whole Foods, you receive an additional 10% discount, even if the product is on sale. Why yes, I do have a drawer full of Epic Bars right now. I’m a sucker for a deal!

Consider ditching your current to-go bar in favor of trying one of the many different types of Epic Bars! And let me know what you think – I’m definitely going to try the other product lines and I’ll keep you posted as well!

*Not sponsored in any way by Epic, just really love their products!

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