Back to Basics: Sunday Planning.

I cannot preach the benefits of meal planning and dedicated meal prep enough, and yet it’s been a solid month since I wrote out a meal plan of my own! Between the end of the school year, the glorious beginning of summer break, and vacation, I’ve mostly been winging our meals day-to-day.

Not advisable, especially when I should be tracking my meals in preparation for my next functional medicine appointment.

So, I decided to get back to the basics today and plan out our meals for the week…

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Vegas, Baby!

I’m not going to lie, I was more than a little nervous to tackle a vacation to Las Vegas with my current list of dietary restrictions. I can barely tackle the no-anything diet at the most accommodating restaurant in Cleveland – How would I handle chain restaurants at a casino for five days?

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Four Months Down!

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted about my functional medicine journey! Not that this is a blog focused on #teacherproblems, but the end of the school year was a hot mess both personally and professionally. Good news: It’s summer break! I can get back to posting regularly about all that is associated with my pursuit of clear skin (and a healthy body)!

So, in the spirit of jumping back in to blogging, I wanted to provide a brief update on the state of my skin after four long months (or 122 days, to be exact). Scope the photos below to see for yourself, but aside from a few, teeny tiny pimples that have been popping up in no particular pattern on my chin and upper lip, my face has been clear of new blemishes. What’s left appears to be scars, but I personally feel as though they are lightening up slowly but surely.

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