Why Collagen & Pegan Pick #5!

I’m no stranger to protein powder. My all time favorite in both powder and pre-made form is hands down Orgain. I drank their vegan chocolate pre-made protein shake pretty much every single morning from the moment I switched to a vegan diet until I switched over to my pegan (paleo + vegan hybrid) diet five months ago. But, the Orgain option contains sugar, and even though it is a small amount, I can’t add it to my shakes any longer.

Definitely still needed protein in my life, though! My nutritionist prescribed MediClear Plus, a protein powder chalk full of vitamins and minerals that my body desperately needed when detoxing. Probably my least favorite experience on this diet. I could not get over the taste, let alone the chalk yellow color. I had to buy a ton of delicious ingredients just to try to mask the taste, which was depressing for both my taste buds and my wallet.

Read More: How to make it through a MediClear Plus shake.

After my third nutrition appointment, I was allowed off MediClear Plus. So glad that phase is over – I’m never going back. Knowing I still needed a protein powder in my life, my nutritionist recommended collagen protein as my go-to option.

Leading me into my fifth “pegan pick,” Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.


This stuff is amazing! For only 72 calories, one serving of collagen protein provides 18 grams of protein, including all of these amino acids:


Vital Proteins’ grass-fed, pasture raised collagen peptides are tasteless, colorless, and very easy to dissolve on the go. It’s honestly the only protein powder I’ve ever found that you can dissolve in hot or cold substances without a blender, blender bottle, anything other than a spoon. I even dissolved it in green tea when I was in Las Vegas earlier this month; I couldn’t taste the difference at all.

I primarily purchase Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides through the manufacturer’s website (vitalproteins.com) for $41.00 per 20oz canister (28 servings). It can also be found on Amazon as well as Thrive Market (though currently out of stock).

But, Why Collagen?

According to Vital Proteins, collagen supplements are integral for skin, hair, nail, bone, and joint health:

“Over the past century modern food processing has removed this natural and healthy protein from our diets. Collagen is vital for our body and is the basic building block of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints.”

Vital Proteins

Obviously, I’m primarily interested in the collagen benefits for my skin. It’s the same reason why I’m so obsessed with bone broth recently! I can’t get enough, I need my skin to regenerate, ASAP. And the athletic benefits of collagen protein for muscle repair post-workout are also awesome! Read more on the Vital Proteins website, here.

Interested in giving Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides a shot? Check out my absolute favorite shake combination below!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Shake Recommendation:

  • 10 ounces of non-dairy milk (I use unsweetened vanilla coconut milk)
  • Nuts or seeds (I choose two of the following: flax seeds, hemp seeds, or chia seeds)
  • Healthy fat (I rotate between full-fat coconut milk and coconut butter)
  • Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (I use three scoops, but the serving size is only two)
  • 1 cup frozen berries (strawberries are my favorite!)

Add all ingredients into a wide-mouthed mason jar except berries and stir well (very important!). Then, add in the frozen berries and blend with your immersion blender. Tap immersion blender wand loudly on mason jar to make sure you get every last drop (and annoy your boyfriend, roommate, whoever, in the process). Done and done!


What is the difference between a shake and a smoothie? 

Do you soak your nuts and seeds before blending? Why? For how long?

*Just FYI, every pegan pick is entirely my own opinion and not sponsored in any way!

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