Week One Training Recap!


Yesterday marked the end of my first half marathon training week! It feels so good to be training for something again (Mighty Niagara Half Marathon) – For whatever reason, I have a much more difficult time skipping a training run compared to a “normal” run.

I hit almost every workout on my schedule last week! Here are my results:

Monday: 20(ish) mile bike ride with Zack. A lot of stopping: for tea, to swim at Edgewater Park, to eat dinner at TownHall, to stare at Cleveland. You know, the usual bike ride activities. My Garmin was dead, hence the (ish).

Tuesday: TRX & Kettlebell class focused on heavy lifting this week.

Wednesday: 3 mile run. So much slower than anticipated. Good thing I can blame it on the hills involved. Only room for improvement! *Planned to swim, but the Cavs “Yay We Won!” parade understandably took precedence for my swimming buddy.

Thursday: 3 mile run. Faster than the previous day, plus I ran to the gym, which is my new favorite way to multitask. Lifted with a focus on back (still chasing an unassisted pull-up).

Friday: 3 mile run on new gym treadmills. Wanted to test out each one so I can have an opinion on which they purchase! Then 75 minute (yes, you read that correctly) yoga class because Kate was a sub and I love her classes so much.

Saturday: Rest!

Sunday: Kate’s yoga class (such an ab workout) plus a 4 mile run that was wayyyyy too hot. I need to get my longer runs in earlier in the day.

…And onto Week Two! Again, my half marathon training plan is adapted from Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Program:

Monday: 60+ minutes cross-training (Biking 30 miles with Zack)

Tuesday: Swimming + TRX Class

Wednesday: 3 mile run + Olga Chwa yoga

Thursday: 3 mile run at half marathon pace

Friday: 3 mile run + 60 minute personal training

Saturday: Rest!

Sunday: 5 mile run + “Yoga for Stress Relief” at my gym

Alright, ready to hit the road for our bike ride! Not going to lie, I had a minor meltdown this morning over our biking adventure. It is fairly overwhelming to have to figure out how to pack enough food to be away from the house for an indefinite amount of time (at least nine hours) that I can a.) comfortably travel with, b.) not put in a refrigerator, and c.) not have access to a kitchen. I might just be extra whiny today, but I am just so very tired of thinking about food. But, I figured out a plan and I stopped crying long enough to make food for myself. It’s worth it, I just wish it wasn’t so difficult to be a person!

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