All the Sunday things.

I finally gave in and entered the 2010s by downloading Instagram – Get ready for even more amateur photos of food, running, fitness, and coffee. Wahoo!

In honor of my new download, here’s a photo journal of all the Sunday things! A “Silent-ish Sunday” if you will…


Words cannot express how happy I am that my nutritionist prescribed bulletproof coffee… I never, ever want to drink my coffee any other way again. So good. Just try it.


Spent the morning hanging out at Cain Park Bicycle while Zack tried to catch up on the billion repairs he has to do.


Pre-yoga fuel. Closest I’ve come to bacon in two and a half years.


Kate’s 11:45am vinyasa yoga class kicked my ass. As per usual.


Post-yoga, pre-run shake. I am still excited that I get to add collagen peptides instead of MediClear Plus. So. Much. Better.


Running four miles in 90 degrees after sweating my ass off in yoga? Not my smartest decision. Layed in the grass stretching for quite some time.


Zucchini noodles + tempeh + pesto + cashew cheese = DELICIOUS. Now if I could only learn how to take an appetizing photo of food…

…Followed by way too many hours of laying on the couch watching Chopped Junior and trying to will myself to shower. No picture necessary.


And onto a Sunday staple, meal planning! The Dr. Hyman trio of cookbooks by my side.


The finished product! My Mom and Grandmother will be visiting this week, so I had to leave dinner plans in a “to be determined” state for Thursday – Saturday.

Onto leftovers for dinner, followed by Big Brother 18 and Food Network Star. Again, no need to photograph my TV. Sunday nights are thrilling in Cleveland Heights.

I hope you had a great weekend! Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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