It’s June 20th!

…The day I’ve been waiting for since January 1st! No, it’s not another functional medicine center follow up (have to wait until July 7 for that). No, I don’t get to reincorporate vegan milkshakes today. But, it is the start of half marathon training! I’m running the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon on September 24, and training starts today! Yay!

Here’s the thing. I’ve been chasing a half marathon finish since I started running in 2013. I signed up for the Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon in Cleveland to run with a former co-worker, and started making my way through my training plan. I made it to the 7 mile long run, and sustained a stress fracture in my left leg. No half marathon. No running. All the hard work I did vanished. And, to make matters worse, the fracture didn’t heal for almost a year.

After working with a physical therapist to start running again, I decided to just run normally for a while. No training plans, no races, just running. It’s been almost two years of “normal” running and after careful consideration, I’ve decided to try again. My only goal is to finish without getting injured – I’ll worry about time goals for the next one.

I should probably mention, however, that I am currently kind of injured. I took a trip to my Orthopedist last week because I slammed my foot into something on my porch (I was in a hurry and I am clumsy) a few weeks ago and my pinky toe has been throbbing since. I knew that half marathon training was starting soon and I just wanted to get her approval to continue running on it. I do have a chip fracture in my toe, but because of where the fracture is, I should be fine to run. It should feel just fine in 6-8 weeks, but I can run in the meantime. Victory!

But, I have to keep it buddy taped at all times – Do you know how difficult it is to buddy tape a pinky toe? After failing at it a bunch of times, this is what I came up with from YouTube…man my feet are pretty aren’t they???


So, in addition to blogging about my functional medicine journey, I plan to keep you updated on half marathon training too. It will be interesting to blend the two worlds, as my dietary restrictions will definitely have an impact on pre-run and post-run eating, not to mention fueling during my run (no sugary GU for me!).

Here’s the plan for this week, adapted from the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Program:

Monday: 60+ Minute Cross Training (Biking!)

Tuesday: Rest (Cardio); TRX Class

Wednesday: 3 mile run + swimming

Thursday: 3 mile run + lift (not willing to give up my quest for a pull up!)

Friday: 3 mile run + yoga

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 4 mile run + yoga

Any words of advice for this half marathon training cycle? Have you tried Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Program?

Anyone have a better way to buddy tape a pinky toe?

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One thought on “It’s June 20th!

  1. That is probably the best wrap, I did something similar when I badly bruised my little toe, and it worked quite well.

    I want to do a half marathon next year, and have just started learning about ‘chi’ running,, and hope this will work to make my running easier

    Good luck to you, I hope your toe feels better very soon, and you have many happy running days


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