Pegan Pick #4

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted a pegan pick! Unacceptable.

Good News: In that time, I’ve discovered a ton more paleo +  vegan hybrid products to share that I am simply obsessed with.

This week: Dang Toasted Coconut Chips.


I think obsessed is an understatement when it comes to this snack. I discovered Dang Foods a little over two months ago, when I was wandering through the snack aisle at Whole Foods for what seemed like the millionth time, looking for something crunchy that was not corn / potato /rice based AND didn’t have any sugar. Good luck, right?

Well, Dang delivers. These toasted coconut chips contain only two ingredients: coconut and salt. Win. The only issue? I literally CANNOT not eat the entire package. Even if I portion out one serving. Even if I then roll up the package and secure it closed with a rubber band. Even if I then put that package up on a high shelf. Nope. I still finish it off, every single time. There are worse vices, right? Plus, coconut oil and coconut products are supposed to have a healing effect for skin and should combat Candida overgrowth.


One package is considered 1.4 servings per the nutritional information printed on the package. The functional medicine center diet counts servings a little differently and this works out to be somewhere between three and four servings of fats/oils. I technically am shooting for eight servings of fats/oils per day, but given Dr. Hyman’s new approach to dietary fats (Eat Fat, Get Thin), my nutritionist approved higher levels of fats in my diet as long as the foods help tame hunger.  If you’re still scared of dietary fat, this might not be your next favorite snack…


You may have noticed my initial obsession with them when I rattled off my list of staple foods I packed for my Vegas Vacation. I knew this snack would help mitigate the need to eat out as frequently, especially when paired with an Epic Bar and an apple.

They do have a few other flavors as well:  Salted Cacao, Original Recipe, Savory Bacon, Chili Lime, and Caramel Sea Salt. Each of these flavors contain an ingredient that is not permitted on my current functional medicine diet, but I look forward to trying the entire line when I can!

Until then, I’ll stick with the Lightly Salted version.

You can find Dang Toasted Coconut Chips at Whole Foods for $2.69 per small package. Whole Foods does offer a 10% case discount, which I always take advantage of. A case is 12 packages, which then gives me the license to eat one whole package a day for the next 12 days…


I also recently discovered Dang Foods products on Thrive Market. The Thrive packages are much larger (3.17 ounces) and are sold for $3.75 per package. I picked up a large package of the Lightly Salted Toasted Coconut Chips (maybe now I won’t eat the whole thing?) as well as a new-to-me Dang Foods product: Sea Salt Crispy Sliced Onion Chips. Though I can’t eat the onion chips (canola oil), Zack could not stop eating them last night. And talking about them this morning. And telling me how delicious they are and how he wishes I could try them…

Moral of the story? I cannot wait to explore the entire Dang Foods line, but the Lightly Toasted Coconut Chips are an excellent pegan option in the meantime!

Have you ever tried Dang Foods products? What is your favorite?

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