Vegas, Baby!

I’m not going to lie, I was more than a little nervous to tackle a vacation to Las Vegas with my current list of dietary restrictions. I can barely tackle the no-anything diet at the most accommodating restaurant in Cleveland – How would I handle chain restaurants at a casino for five days?

It started by talking to my nutritionist about the trip – I asked if I should even consider going, and after she convinced me that it would be okay, I asked for her advice. She encouraged me to still keep away from all of the food groups I’ve eliminated (dairy, sugar, legumes, grains, alcohol) to the best of my ability, but to ease up on the organic, grass-fed requirements. This flexibility afforded me the opportunity to worry less about my ability to eat at the casino restaurants, and even though I definitely do not prefer eating farmed fish and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) meat – it’s only five days.

So, I armed myself with packages of Dang toasted coconut chips, Epic chicken bars, Vital Proteins collagen peptides, and two apples and hoped for the best!

I’ll do a full recap of each meal when I return home, but let’s just say hoping for the best wasn’t the best strategy. The lack of coffee in my life (no unsweetened non-dairy milk to be found – not at all surprising) and my inability to drink black coffee led to a giant headache (again, not at all surprising). To remedy this issue, I convinced my Father to Uber to Whole Foods with me yesterday afternoon (getting him to leave the casino is a HUGE accomplishment). Look how excited (read: nervous and not excited) he was to be Uber-ing for the first time:


We picked up the essentials to keep in the hotel room: organic blackberries, organic pears, organic apples, organic baby carrots, organic tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, individual packets of Artisana cashew butter, and unsweetened vanilla coconut milk. We also ordered lunch: paleo buffalo chicken salad, brussels sprouts, beets, and turkey bone broth for me; grape leaves and tabbouleh for my padre. They even had coffee the way I am supposed to drink it! Blended with coconut oil and grass-fed ghee from their fresh pressed juice and coffee bar. This Whole Foods was heaven. If I lived here, I would never leave and absolutely be broke. Cleveland Whole Foods needs to step its game up!


Post-shopping trip, I was in a much better place nutritionally and ready to take on the challenge of following my diet for the rest of the trip (even though I really had to convince myself to not eat bacon this morning).

And the fact that I’m up money doesn’t hurt either! Love Vegas.


If you follow a specific nutrition plan regularly, do you give it up on vacation? Or do you try to follow it as best you can?

The last two times I was in Vegas I was not eating meat or seafood, but it was easier with grains as an option. If it wasn’t for the functional medicine purpose, I would certainly not be this disciplined!

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6 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby!

  1. Your dad is SO cute in his nervousness to Uber. I’m sure it was a success. Uber is awesome.

    I also worry about eating clean when I’m traveling – especially with the peer pressure of VEGAS.

    Have fun and know that you can always grab a Lara Bar or cook up some microwave eggs (scary and McDonald’s-esque but it works!) 🙂


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