Four Months Down!

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted about my functional medicine journey! Not that this is a blog focused on #teacherproblems, but the end of the school year was a hot mess both personally and professionally. Good news: It’s summer break! I can get back to posting regularly about all that is associated with my pursuit of clear skin (and a healthy body)!

So, in the spirit of jumping back in to blogging, I wanted to provide a brief update on the state of my skin after four long months (or 122 days, to be exact). Scope the photos below to see for yourself, but aside from a few, teeny tiny pimples that have been popping up in no particular pattern on my chin and upper lip, my face has been clear of new blemishes. What’s left appears to be scars, but I personally feel as though they are lightening up slowly but surely.

*Please ignore the post-gym hair. Also, this update’s photos are closer to my face – I wanted to give you a better picture what is going on, because you can’t see very well from far away anymore!

Original – Two Month Update – Four Month Update: 

In order to aid in the regeneration of my scarred skin, I’ve been consistently incorporating collagen protein (full post on this next week!) into my daily shakes, and drinking bone broth at every opportunity. It might just be my imagination, but I’d like to think it is helping lighten (and heal) the scars faster.

Not much has changed with my diet since my last skin update, though now that I completed the 30 day anti-fungal course of treatment, I am allowed to reintroduce lentils, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes in limited quantities. I’m leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow (#teacherperks), so I will begin the reintroduction plans for these foods when I return.

In terms of other changes in the past two months, my energy level has returned to normal! I don’t feel like I could fall over at any given moment, and I can actually remember my train of thought when I’m speaking again! I don’t even have to set 9,000 reminders for myself for most things any more. Thank goodness.

The only change that’s left me totally puzzled is that in the last three weeks, I’ve gained five pounds. Now, this is still a net loss compared to my weight four months ago, and weight loss was never the goal, but it’s just so odd! Nothing else has changed in my diet, but I was super stressed out, so perhaps that’s a reason? On the other hand, Zack literally ate four pounds of chocolate in the last week and lost one and a half pounds. I’ve been on the no-anything diet and gained five. Go figure.

Have you ever experienced a sudden weight gain that you thought was stress related? Any healthy-ish Vegas restaurant recommendations?

Vegan in Vegas was so challenging! Hopefully Pegan won’t be too difficult.

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9 thoughts on “Four Months Down!

  1. Hi – just found your blog. I have similar skin issues so will be reading through to see your story. Glad things are going well! Just wondering about the weight gain – could you be retaining water for some reason maybe?


    • Glad you found my story! Hopefully it might help your issues as well. And quite possibly! I’m away from a scale until Wednesday, but feel like I might be back to normal based on how my clothes fit. We shall see!


  2. I am enjoying your shares. Congratulations. I have begun monitoring my daily intake because I have discovered that I will gain weight when my daily calorie intake falls below 1,200 — even though I am overweight. It seems my body requires a certain number of calories daily to lose or maintain its weight.If I eat less, I gain — perhaps my body interprets low calories as a precursor to famine and reacts to protect itself. Or perhaps that’s nonsense. Either way: You may be ingesting calories that are 100% nutritional, but are you ingesting enough? Sometimes more is less, particularly in times of stress or fatigue.


    • That’s a good question! I haven’t tracked calories at all with this diet, but it might be worth double checking! I truly do think the body stores anything and everything as fat if you push your consumption too low.


  3. Oh wow! Your skin looks so much better. Well done you.
    I am the same regarding calories…. if I drop to low my weights seems to start creeping up again.

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