Why Collagen & Pegan Pick #5!

I’m no stranger to protein powder. My all time favorite in both powder and pre-made form is hands down Orgain. I drank their vegan chocolate pre-made protein shake pretty much every single morning from the moment I switched to a vegan diet until I switched over to my pegan (paleo + vegan hybrid) diet five months ago. But, the Orgain option contains sugar, and even though it is a small amount, I can’t add it to my shakes any longer.

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10 Tips for Eliminating Sugar

Hello, my name is Jessica and it’s been 142 days since I’ve had any form of sugar. I don’t mean only normal sugar – I haven’t even lived in the world where maple syrup, agave, honey, dates, or bananas are allowed. Natural or artificial – I haven’t had it!

Nearly everyone that I’ve shared the details of my current diet with has taken exception to the removal of sugar, usually ending the conversation with “I could never do that.” But here’s the thing: You could, if you really wanted it. I would give up vegan milkshakes (and alcohol and french fries and oreos) for the rest of my life if my face would be fixed.I don’t have some extraordinary willpower that is assisting me through this process – I have a very clear reason for sticking to the plan. And results to help motivate me to continue.

While I’m not a dietitian/nutritionist/health coach/certified to guide you on a diet plan in any way, I have seen the dramatic impact of eliminating sugar on my overall health and well-being, even beyond my skin. If you’re considering eliminating (or lowering) your sugar intake, consider these 10 tips:

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It’s June 20th!

…The day I’ve been waiting for since January 1st! No, it’s not another functional medicine center follow up (have to wait until July 7 for that). No, I don’t get to reincorporate vegan milkshakes today. But, it is the start of half marathon training! I’m running the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon on September 24, and training starts today! Yay!

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