Saturday Confessions.

Sorry for being so silent this week! I didn’t create this blog to discuss my #teacherproblems, but we’re nearing the end of the school year and I’m super stressed out. I am in charge of all district and state testing in our building, and I am also responsible for planning and executing all of the senior class activities. If you follow any major news outlet, you’re well aware of the amount of controversy around testing in American schools – our students have been testing non-stop for the past three weeks. That, on top of prom, the senior luncheon, the senior class day trip to Cedar Point, and graduation, and I’m close to ripping out my hair…

But, I signed up for this. I knew the last month of school would be chaos, and all things considered I think it is going just fine. Thanks, in part, to the support of many of my colleagues who help me with decorating (I’m no Martha Stewart), gift bag wrapping, and surprise me with tea waiting in the office…


So, I haven’t had the time (or energy) to finish up my post-functional medicine visit series (only one part left!), review my next pegan pick, or generally update you on my journey…

Here’s a recap of the week, confessions style:

  • Confession: I am stressed out, but happy to be so. I’ve mentioned before that I stopped feeling stress appropriately for quite some time, and it started manifesting physically instead. I’m happy to be as anxious as I am, because I should be right now.
  • Confession: I only went to yoga once this week. After trying vinyasa yoga with my coworker, I really started to enjoy it! I will pick it up again next week, especially when I feel too stressed to go.
  • Confession: I am STARVING. I don’t know if this is a side effect of the Candida die-off or what, but I cannot seem to eat enough. I also did not put much thought into meal planning or prep last week because of everything else bouncing around in my mind; perhaps that’s it? I need to figure it out for next week, because being this hungry all the time is not helping. At all.
  • Confession: I didn’t listen to my doctor. After posting about my gut health, I set out to add in the recommended supplements this week. I only managed to remember to take the three time a day supplement once each morning, but after two days my hands and arms were itchy and developing a rash. I called my functional medicine doctor, but for whatever reason, I’m never allowed to speak to her directly. The message I left was passed through two people to her, and then I was called back by a medical assistant. I do not think my message to my doctor was clear, and I (with my big fancy non-existent medical degree) disagreed with her recommendation to discontinue the Candida medicine because I don’t think she had the right information to make that decision. I had been taking it for 15 days already; I just want the die off to be done. So, I discontinued the protein breakdown supplement instead, and magically, the rash is gone. I’m going to hold off on all supplements until I finish the anti-fungal medication.
  • Confession: I might be drinking too much coffee. I am allowed a cup per day, as long as it is not on an empty stomach, and is blended with coconut oil or grass-fed ghee. I’ve decided to use the word “cup” to describe a “any size vessel of my choosing with which to hold coffee” instead of “8 ounces.” It’s fine…
  • Confession: I really, really, really, really want a beer. I’ve been on this diet for 104 days and though I still always want a vegan milkshake, now that the weather is breaking, I could also use a beer.

That list of confessions pretty much sums up my whole week! I’ll post my final post-appointment summary next (it’s the most difficult one for me to write).

What are your confessions for this week?

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14 thoughts on “Saturday Confessions.

  1. It’s really, really difficult when you want something and can’t have it! Well done for keeping it going. It takes some strength and effort to stick with something for 104 days!

    My confession: I haven’t cleaned the house properly in weeks. It’s chaos here because we’ve just moved and are renovating, so it makes me reluctant to bother cleaning when everything gets dusty again straight away. It’s backfired now because I have family visiting tomorrow & I need to get off my bum and clean everything this afternoon!

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  2. Your confessions just prove how difficult it is to commit oneself to creating LONG TERM healthy lifestyle changes after living (what I am assuming, so please correct me if I’m wrong) the typical standard American lifestyle. I commend you on all your efforts and encourage you to continue down your current path. It’s not all or nothing. Failures and setbacks often accompany the process. The willingness to continue to “grind out” forward progress (even if the pace resembles a Tortoise) is the key. The longer you practice this healthier lifestyle, the easier it becomes. The rewards it offers (in health benefits and new functional abilities to expand your options in life) helps motivate maintaining it.

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