Part III: “Your gut is on fire.”

…Well. That sounds just lovely doesn’t it. Your gut is on fire. Great. Stellar.

As if Candida overgrowth and pneumonia wasn’t enough =) Good thing my face exploded leading me to this journey – There is so much to do to restore my health.

So, about this gut issue. I received a report through Genova Diagnostics on the overall status of my gut based on a stool sample I provided in March. Talk about a good time.

Aside from my gut being on fire, here are the major takeaways:

  • The diversity of bacteria in my gut is abysmal. I need to work on eating more varied foods in order to increase the diversity substantially.
  • I am not absorbing protein properly, as determined by the amount of undigested protein found in my sample.
  • Of the 22 types of bacteria tested for in my gut, 11 are either far too high or far too low. Of the too low types includes bifidobacterium, which based on my research is apparently a big deal.

Here’s the plan:

  • Take Betaine HCL before each meal to assist my body in breaking down protein. Reason number 992 why functional medicine is the coolest: My doctor spent about ten minutes debating her course of action with the protein breakdown issue. She did not want me to have to take yet another supplement, but her alternate suggestion involved high amounts of apple cider vinegar. The only problem – Apple cider vinegar would encourage yeast production. My Candida levels are already out of control, so she settled on the supplement. I just stared at her in wonder as she weighed all the pros and cons. I wonder what is like to know that much about the body!
  •  Add a bifidobacterium probiotic daily. This should aid in the development of this important type of bacteria, and the killing of the Candida should help with the other types that are out of whack as well.
  • Continue to diversify the types of foods I’m eating to the best of my ability. Though many foods are still not allowed, I can focus on hitting each color of the rainbow every single day, and I can probably eat more beets/radishes/turnips/etc. than rely on broccoli and cauliflower every day.

The only issue? Part III of the functional medicine solution involves taking even more supplements. Why is it so difficult for me to remember to take these pills every day? But, now that I’ve put the plan in writing, I have to follow through. I’ll be taking my bifidobacterium and Betaine HCL starting tomorrow! After all, the cost of all of the vitamins and supplements I had to purchase after my first follow up was over $130 – I probably should follow through.

Do you take a lot of vitamins and supplements? How do you remember to take them all?

Yes, I’m supposed to take a ton of vitamins and supplements. So far, I’ve only managed to take my antibiotic and anti-fungal medication every day. But, that changes tomorrow! 

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8 thoughts on “Part III: “Your gut is on fire.”

  1. I find Vitalzym works better than Betaine HCL, but it’s of course, what your body can process. I don’t take a lot of vitamins and minerals. I just make freshly squeezed cold-pressed vegetable juices that has a concentration of vitamins and minerals. It’s time-consuming, so you would need some extra time on your hands for that 🙂 And I never drink the pulp; just the pure juice. If I would take other vitamins and minerals, I would get them in their whole food state rather than synthetic. Wishing you best of health 🙂


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