And the results are in…

Alright. It’s been a long day. Here’s the cliff notes version.

Based on the results of my blood work, stool test, and nutrition panel, I’m currently dealing with the following…

  • High levels of candida (we knew this)
  • High levels of mycoplasma (think: pneumonia)
  • Vitamin D levels suck
  • My gut is “on fire” and very inflamed
  • My body is struggling to breakdown protein properly
  • The bacteria in my body is off (11 out of 22 types are either too low or way too high)
  • My gut bacteria is not diversified at all
  • I have a MTHFR (no, it doesn’t stand for mother fucker) gene mutation

All of these issues have consequences / treatment plans including going on an anti-fungal for 30 days (take that candida!), completing a 14 day antibiotic course of treatment, and taking a bunch of supplements, some for now, some forever.

So, there’s that. I’m still trying to process all of the information I received today and will do a post about each issue and treatment plan over the next week or so.

But, in terms of good news:

  • I can stop drinking MediClear Plus! You could not possibly understand my excitement. Instead, I get to switch to tasteless, texture-less collagen protein powder.
  • Egg day is now EVERY OTHER DAY! Wahoo!
  • I can have one cup of coffee per day, but I cannot have it on an empty stomach, and I must add either grass-fed ghee or coconut oil to it.
  • I can follow a food reintroduction plan for both lentils and chickpeas, and if successful, I can have up to four servings per week.
  • I can add in pears in place of apples if I feel like switching it up.
  • After completing the 30 day anti-fungal treatment, I can reintroduce sweet potatoes and butternut squash. If tolerated, I can add them in twice per week.
  • AND! I can switch to tracking my diet differently, with the use of an app called My Symptoms. I only have to complete the comprehensive (and time consuming) food diaries for a week or so before my next visit.

I cannot believe how comprehensive this process is, or how much I’m learning about my personal health and well-being. I don’t think this process will end with a precise “and this is why you developed cystic acne” reason. Instead, I am thankful that my skin was my body’s signal that something (or, many things) were wrong. And now, we switch from detoxing to healing. Can’t wait to see what happens.

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5 thoughts on “And the results are in…

  1. They recommended MediClear at the beginning of my journey.. but I was so overwhelmed with the expense of all the other supplements I had to take that I opted out of that one. That bad, eh? Taste? Texture?


    • Yes. Yes that bad. I don’t usually struggle with texture, but if I did, I think I would’ve ha. Also, taste was just absolutely awful. And the cost honestly was the worst part! Knowing that I was paying an extra $3 per shake to make my otherwise delicious ingredients turn disgusting…you dodged a bullet.

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