Sundays are for Planning.

Hola! My Sunday-of-rest philosophy was somewhat hijacked today, but for two good reasons. First, it is the second to last weekend before the AP Chemistry exam. My students have been putting in a lot of extra hours of studying with me on Saturdays, and for the final two weeks, I offer to meet with them on Sunday too.

Second, my Madre is in town! Instead of spending my Sunday lounging around, we filled our day with a lot of fun activities. Running, shopping, eating, etc.

Speaking of eating, this diet makes it pretty difficult to eat at a restaurant. Zack and I are pros when it comes to cooking at home at this point, but when we have company, it can get more complicated. Cleveland has a lot to offer in terms of restaurants, and who really wants to eat a detox / elimination diet friendly meal when they’re on a mini-vacation! There is one restaurant in Cleveland that can and will gladly accommodate all of my dietary restrictions: TownHall.

I first discovered TownHall when I decided to follow a vegan diet, as they cater to all types of health-conscious diets. Their menu is coded for vegan, paleo, gluten-free, you name it! Further, many of the servers ask if anyone at the table has any dietary restrictions before orders are placed, and they will happily check on any type of restriction if you ask! They even once brought out the recipe book so we could find a sugar-free pasta sauce I could enjoy. They’re also non-GMO…TownHall is one of my favorite places on earth.

We enjoyed smashed avocado (goat cheese on the side) with veggies instead of chips, and cauliflower tabbouleh as an appetizer…

My meal, Zucchini Noodle Fresco, involved zucchini noodles, cashews, green apples, radishes, chipotle apple cider vinegar, and steak:


For a non-detox friendly meal, Zack is currently obsessed with the lamb burger and their fries are out-of-this-world:


So, moral of the story is: I love TownHall and I’m incredibly thankful to have a place to go when entertaining visitors or when we really need a day off from cooking all the time.

Even with AP Chemistry and my mom’s visit, I still managed to write out my meal plan and exercise plan for the week AND even grocery shop!

Meal Plan:


Exercise Plan:

Monday – TRX & Kettlebell class & heavy back exercises

Tuesday – 4.25 miles running

Wednesday – Rest Day ***Functional Medicine Appointment!!!

Thursday – Total body strength training & 1 fast mile

Friday – 30 minute interval run

Saturday – TRX & Kettlebell class & heavy back exercises & 1 fast mile

Sunday – 30 minute run (minimum 2 miles fast)

I’m sticking with my Monday meal prep, it seems to be working best! I can’t believe how much writing out my meals and exercise schedule has helped over the past few weeks. Both help me stay accountable, especially when I really don’t feel like running or would rather just go to TownHall again for dinner even though I spent tons of money on groceries…

As I mentioned above, Wednesday is the big day! My first follow up with my functional medicine doctor! I’ll share my thoughts on the appointment this week, and certainly keep you posted with what they say and how my diet / life will change!

Do you have any super health conscious restaurants in your area? How are they received by the neighborhood?

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