Silent(ish) Saturday II.

Another round of Saturday foods and other assorted foolishness…


Still the best breakfast ever. Here’s to hoping quinoa stays in my diet after Wednesday…


Starbucks. Or, my second home for the next two weekends. AP Chem exam May 2nd!


Such a quick lunch. Buying bulk green beans from Costco was a good life choice.

Currently pretty obsessed with my TRX & kettlebell class. Never miss a…Saturday?


Can someone please teach me a more effective stretching routine? Mine is pathetic. I need to man up and try yoga, for real.


Delicious looking post-workout shake before MediClear Plus is added…


…vile looking post-workout shake after MediClear Plus is added.


No caption required. Pedicures rock.


Babaganouj appetizer!


Chicken, broccoli, zucchini, more baba. Is it weird that when I eat broccoli, it’s only in pound increments? Like, I ate a pound of broccoli for dinner. Tell me that’s normal.


And today’s out-of-the-ordinary activities brought to you by this lady! My madre (Nanc) is in town to visit! And to bring lots of gifts. And food. And Timbits for Zachary…

…oh, Zachary.


And the perfect end to any day. Peppermint tea and 1.5 teaspoons of Artisana cashew butter straight to the face. Sorry my tablecloth still has snowflakes on it. I’ll be an adult one day and change it to something more seasonally appropriate.

How was your Saturday?

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