Meal Plan & Prep Take Three

So, I’m really loving the “day of rest” concept I learned from Dr. Josh Axe during the Total Wellness Summit. It’s not that I don’t do anything on Sundays, but I don’t have a mile-long to-do list staring at me as soon as I wake up. It takes some extra work throughout the week, but it makes me feel much better going in to the week.

I did, however, manage to meal plan, grocery shop, and plan out my exercise schedule during my “day of rest.” As I’ve mentioned previously, I am experimenting with many of the recipes featured in Dr. Mark Hyman’s new book Eat Fat, Get Thin. The basic premise of this book is that fat has been demonized in the American diet for far too long. He indicates that sugar, not fat, is the real dietary culprit, and his recipes are high in healthy fats. There is a 21-day plan that I am not following (I’m already on a 78+ day plan), but I’ve incorporated some of these meals and they are DELICIOUS.

Last week, I made a recipe out of this book for the second time: Spiced Caribbean Tempeh Stew. It’s that good – Zack’s even requested it weekly. But when I say high fat, I really mean it; this recipe calls for a can of full-fat coconut milk and 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, and it is only 4 servings. Putting my low-fat upbringingĀ  aside, this is an absolutely phenomenal meal and I would recommend Dr. Hyman’s book if only for this recipe. Seriously.

My meal plan for this week also incorporates recipes out of Eat Fat, Get Thin, as well as Dr. Hyman’s other books: The 10 Day Detox and The 10 Day Detox Cookbook. Unless specified, page numbers correspond to Eat Fat, Get Thin:


So, that means yesterday we tried the Greek Chicken Thighs with Artichokes and Olives and oh. my. goodness. Again, this meal was SO GOOD. I’m absolutely obsessed and will add it to my meal plan for next week as well.

My only concern with all of these high-fat meals is that I am going over my allotted “servings” of fat/oils each day. I really struggled to hit the fats/oils servings until I started cooking from this cookbook, so I’ve decided to just roll with it and talk to my nutritionist about it at my next appointment. Also, just as an aside, another premise of Dr. Hyman’s writing on fat is that a higher fat diet actually results in weight loss. I hit a plateau with my detox/elimination diet weight loss until I started incorporating these meals. Now I’m down 9.4lbs overall (~6%). Crazy!

I also grocery shopped during my “day of rest,” and not to go on a tangent, but WHY ARE THERE NO CHICKEN STOCKS WITHOUT SUGAR. Why? I thought it was just a Trader Joe’s issue and actually returned both the chicken and beef stock I bought (chicken had sugar, beef had honey, why haven’t I learned my label reading lesson yet?). But it’s not! Every chicken stock I tried to purchase yesterday had sugar in it. Can someone offer insight here? Why is sugar a necessary ingredient????

Anyway…in terms of meal prep, I’m again focusing on shifting meal prep to Monday nights instead of Sundays. So, tonight I will prep my lunches for the week. I’m trying something different this week – I’ve been sticking to soups for lunches as it is super easy to just make a big pot and portion it out. Unfortunately, though, this leaves me struggling for protein to add in order to hit my protein targets. This week I’m going to make taco salads with grass fed ground beef and see how it works out. I’ll keep you posted.

Also, in the spirit of planning, here is my exercise plan for the week. Still focused on an unassisted pull-up one day, as well as increasing my speed before half marathon training starts on June 20:

Monday – 30 minute run + 30 minute walk + total body strength training

Tuesday – TRX class + 1 fast mile

Wednesday – 4 mile run

Thursday – Total body strength training + 1 fast mile

Friday – 30 minute interval run (1 minute sprint, 2 minutes recovery)

Saturday – TRX class

Sunday – 2 miles fast, finish run until 30 minutes

No rest days this week because life happens and my schedule was shifted last week so I ended up taking a rest day on Sunday. I also failed to incorporate my scheduled cross-training last week. I’m not adding cross-training into my schedule this week, but I’d guess that Zack and I are going to add in a few walks and bike rides.

Finally, I participated in the weekly Twitter #runchat to end my day of rest yesterday. This Twitter chat always motivates me so much heading in to the week – getting to hear from thousands of other runners is so cool (and kind of overwhelming sometimes, thank goodness for TweetDeck). But this week was even cooler – I actually won a race entry for a Race 13.1 by participating in the chat! I am thinking about signing up for the Nashville race…it’s about a month after my first half marathon, and I’ve never been to Nashville before! I’m super pumped.

Do you participate in a weekly Twitter chat? Which chat would you recommend?

I would absolutely recommend the weekly RunChat – It takes place every 1st & 3rd Sundays at 10PM EST and every 2nd & 4th Sunday at 8PM EST. It’s just a great community to participate in, and I really learn a lot! I’m on the hunt for solid nutrition chats to follow…

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2 thoughts on “Meal Plan & Prep Take Three

  1. I love the day of rest idea for Sundays. I truly have been saying for the past few weeks I need to focus on allowing myself more time to rest and relax on Sundays. I should take your approach of just doing more throughout the week and maybe it will be more likely for me!

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