Silent(ish) Saturday

Just a random assortment of my Saturday food & foolishness…


Why yes, this is the best detox breakfast on the face of the planet.


Saturday morning AP Chemistry study session – Only three weekends left!


Obsessed with edamame mung bean pasta. My next Pegan Pick for sure!


Dear Pull-Up Bar,  I will defeat you…


…even if you destroy my hands in the process. Love, Jessica.


Post TRX foam rolling. Ugh, a necessary evil.


Girlfriend of the year, or sugar addiction enabler?


How are there only 13 episodes of Fuller House?!?! Who will DJ choose!??!?!


That moment when your phone alarm reminds you to start your taxes (two days before they’re due), and you already finished them this morning. Win! #adulting


Take three on the made at home green tea latte.


Post-TRX class, pre-run MediClear Plus shake. For the 76th day in a row…


I judge myself for how ridiculous my tech arm looks on a run. #garminaddict

Post interval run selfies!


Absolute best recipe I’ve had from Eat Fat, Get Thin – Spiced Caribbean Tempeh Stew.  Yes, every meal I’ve had today has been in a bowl. Weird.

I hope your Saturday was splendid!

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