Weeknights are for prepping.

So, my second “Sunday-of-rest” was not as successful on the resting (and de-stresssing) part as I originally envisioned when I first learned of this stress reduction practice from Dr. Josh Axe…

First, I was invited to tag along on a trip to Costco with Zack’s brother and sister-in-law. My current diet costs a small fortune, so any opportunity to save on food is more than welcome! I mean, I got an enormous bag of ground flax for $6.99. How can you go wrong? I also bought 12 pounds of broccoli…but that’s fine.

I also found myself at Whole Foods today for the second time this weekend. I forgot cabbage when shopping on Saturday (as per my plan) and needed cauliflower because Costco didn’t sell it frozen. The lack of cauliflower = no prepping my cauliflower soup for the week = why bother even meal prepping at all! Instead, I’ll watch Fuller House. And Netflix wins again…

But, Netflix can’t win. Healthy, stress-free lifestyles require planning and preparation. I planned like a champ on Saturday, knocking out both meal prep and committing to an exercise schedule for the week. Now I must execute on both as well!

In terms of meal prep, enter: weeknights. I feel as though I constantly struggle with trying to pack in all of my “to-do” items on the weekend, as if weeknights don’t even exist. This week, because I failed to meal prep over the weekend, I will instead meal prep on Monday night. I already have my mid-AM snack and lunch ready to go for tomorrow, so Monday night meal prep might just be the perfect solution. Instead of working meal prep into my “day of rest” each week, I could prepare just enough to get through Monday, and then use my weeknight to set up for success for the rest of the week. Or, maybe Monday night meal prep will prove too daunting and I’ll understand why everyone else on the planet chose Sundays for prepping. We shall see tomorrow night!

In other news, my meal plan for this week is almost entirely based on Dr. Hyman’s new book, “Eat Fat, Get Thin.” There is a lot of excellent content in the book that I’m not quite finished with, but before I write a complete review I must say that every single recipe that I’ve tried is amazing! The basic premise of the book and associated meal plan is that dietary fat has been demonized over the past few decades, with no substantial evidence supporting its’ “dangers.” Dr. Hyman suggests that sugar is the true demon in the American diet, and fat is an integral part of health and wellness. This past week, we tried two meals from “Eat Fat, Get Thin” – Beef (Venison) and Veggie Stuffed Peppers and Spiced Caribbean Tempeh Stew. Both were excellent! I felt satisfied after leaving the dinner table and did not feel the need to forage for pistachios and unsweetened vanilla coconut yogurt after dinner.  Further, my initial weight loss from the functional medicine detox diet had plateaued, but after this week, I’m down another two pounds. It could just be a coincidence, but I think increasing my dietary fat has played a role. We’ll see after this week of meals:


*Any page number is associated with Eat Fat, Get Thin unless otherwise noted.

In the spirit of Sunday planning and preparation, I also want to share my workout schedule for this week. I am currently working on two different goals: complete an unassisted pull-up and increase my 5K pace before half marathon training begins on June 20. I’m seeing progress on both goals, and I enjoy having something to focus on other than my functional medicine journey and my stressful job.

Monday – Assisted Pull-Ups & TRX Class

Tuesday – Run 4.00 miles

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 1 fast mile & strength training (total body, focus on back)

Friday – 30 minute interval run

Saturday – Assisted Pull-Ups, TRX Class, 30 minutes cross-training

Sunday – 30 minute run (first 2 miles FAST)

I’ll keep you posted during the week as to whether Monday is the new Sunday when it comes to meal prep, as well as to how the “Eat Fat, Get Thin” meals are going!

When do you meal plan and meal prep? Does the success of your week depend on it?

How do you feel about dietary fat on a scale of 1-10? (1=Low Fat is life, 10=Bring on the coconut oil)

2 thoughts on “Weeknights are for prepping.

    • I am addicted to coconut oil! And this book is seriously the best. Dr. Hyman leads the Functional Medicine Center that I am visiting to help with my cystic acne issue.

      Also, because I’m a wordpress newbie? I cannot figure out how to reply to your comments on my Community Pool comments, but thank you so much for reading! I’m going to explore widgets now…wish me luck!


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