When you have to sit out, and Sunday of rest.

Hola! Though today is (sadly) the last day before I head back to work tomorrow, I was fortunate enough to spend the last three days with two of my best friends. They came to visit from Buffalo, and we had a glorious time couch-sitting and hanging out around Cleveland. Their visit took the concept of minimizing stress to a new level; I was totally relaxed and really enjoyed the doing-nothing-ness.

Their visit also opened my eyes to yet another consequence of a very strict elimination/detox diet. Our lives literally revolve around food. Now, please keep in mind that I suggested and/or planned all of our activities, but the weekend looked like this…

  • Friday night, friends arrive. Immediately go to Whole Foods for their “Foodie Friday” event. Basically, this involves bopping around Whole Foods and stopping at five stations for a half-ish glass of wine paired with a small appetizer. I already can’t have alcohol, and I assumed the majority of the appetizers would not be on the no-anything diet plan, so I just chugged my MediClear Plus shake in the car and then strolled around with my friends.
  • Zack gets out of work, friends order Dewey’s Pizza. Keep in mind that I’ve never ever had Dewey’s Pizza because I was vegan before I discovered it and they don’t have any vegan options, but damn did it smell good. We also stopped at The Wine Spot to pick up wine and beers. I drank tea.
  • Saturday morning. We go to the North Union Farmers Market at Shaker Square with the intent of getting coffees and breakfast. I ate some makeshift quinoa oatmeal before we left, but everyone else gets delicious coffees. Then we go to Yours Truly (a local diner) for breakfast. Belgian waffles, eggs bruschetta, a bacon/cheese/tomato omelette, and hot water with lemon for me.
  • Everyone is stuffed, but I eat two more times before we head to TRX class. After class, we head to my favorite restaurant (and the only restaurant I’ve found that will put up with my current dietary restrictions), TownHall. I get a chilled zucchini noodle bowl with steak. Delicious. The only issue here? I had to turn down alcohol at least six times. YES I REALLY WANT A BEER, but still no, just water, thanks. After dinner, we continued to Mitchell’s Ice Cream. I got a bone broth from TownHall to go, which was still delicious, but certainly not ice cream. Three hours later, shockingly, I’m hungry again.
  • Sunday morning. Everyone drinks french press coffee before we decide to head to Bruegger’s Bagels. I quickly make my MediClear Plus shake to bring on our breakfast adventure. Two bacon, egg, and cheese bagels, a western bagel, and an oh-so-delicious MediClear Plus shake.

I really loved having my friends in town, and I wouldn’t have changed our weekend plans at all, but our weekend really emphasized the many challenges associated with a strict elimination/detox diet. Sugar is everywhere. Planning is 100% necessary. And not for anything, but I don’t think that I would have been strong enough on Day 18 to sit across from everyone while they ate. Thank goodness today is Day 63!

I also managed to fit in some meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prep on this lazy weekend. I plan to strictly stick to our weekly dinner plan, and I already made the creamy cauliflower soup for lunches this week! In fact, my lunch for tomorrow is already totally packed. This week, I’m going to try my best to minimize stress throughout the work week, while looking forward to my next Sun-day-of rest. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

How do you minimize stress during the work-week?

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